You Might Be A Farmgirl If…..

You Might Be A Farmgirl If….

1.  You’d rather sing loudly to your favorite tunes crusin’ on a dirt road than a highway.

2.  Your collections might include animals or plants.

3.  You get your tan & workout the old-fashioned way.

4.  You like a little Junk in the back of your trunk.

5.  The smell of alfalfa or a dairy barn does not repulse you but brings sweet memories to mind.

6.  You’d rather feel grass beneath your barefeet than sand between your toes.

7.  You’d rather stop to shop at a feed store or roadside stand than the mall.

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8.  You might enjoy a trip to Cabela’s every now & then.

9.  You can recognize the leaves of plants as they push through the soil or the songs of birds as they welcome spring.

10.  You’ve shown up to an event and realized you have dirty knees.

11.  You give yourself a manicure so as not to explain the green thumbs, broken nails and dirt beneath them.

12.  Secretly you might find Redneck jokes funny and a little bit true.


Happy Spring Everyone!!!

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