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Baby Nubian Goats

Oh my. I’m in love!  These sweet things have just melted my heart!

Aren’t they precious!?!  I had been losing sleep with worry over the arrival of these munchkins!  My first birth on the farm where I needed to be present.  (Lots of reasons really …. but mainly cuz we milk mama and will be selling the babies.)  They were due to come today.  So on Monday I rechecked my lists and stayed up late watching You Tube videos of live births to prepare myself.  (not pleasant!)  I checked mama then took the boys to school and went to the vet to get some meds to induce her so I would know approximately when they would come.

 I came home from preschool and guess what?!?!  They had JUST been born!  All wet and gooey and everything and I didn’t have to do a thing!  Except scream with delight, call hubby, spill cornstarch everywhere (for their ears), dry them off and tuck them into bed and then milk, heat treat milk, feed, repeat Over & Over & Over & Over again!  But aren’t they precious!?  They’re coats are so silky!


What an experience!  I am thrilled to be able to live this simple life on the farm with my boys.  I could not be happier.  Even at 5 a.m. milking time!

Embrace the simple joys!

Blessings Friends!



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Digging In The Dirt

One of my favorite things to do is dig in the dirt.  When I first started gardening I was a little obsessed.  I felt like if I had not dug something up and moved it or planted something new, my day was not complete!  Luckily for our pocketbook I had generous gardening friends who supplied me with lots of things to plant.

That is one thing I’ve learned about plants….most plants….like kids are way more tough than we think.  If you don’t like it there; move it.  Not blooming; move it.  Most plants are very hardy and can tolerate our indecisiveness.

I am behind on my garden this year.  With all of the baby goat action going on I am just now planting beets and peas and radishes.  Tomato & pepper plants are just now getting put to bed in the nursery (thanks Ronna!) and my lettuce won’t be planted until later this week.  But rather than not planting it at all I am pressing ahead.  So what if they are a little late right?

Gardening is so therapeutic for me.  I can think more clearly and it is my favorite form of exercise (I am still sore from my pathetic attempt at Poga or whatever it’s called.  I really admire all of you active exercisers, maybe one day I’ll get to the point where I can enjoy it).  However it is not often that I am alone in the garden.

As you can see the hens follow me anxiously awaiting the unearthed worm.  And our new billy goat Shadow is living up to his name, getting right under my feet.  I do enjoy their company.

But my favorite time is when my boys are out there with me.  I love to hear them talk about their day or name the plant by the seed.  They don’t work for long before their attention has them shooting BB guns and building forts.  I imagine that’s what my future holds more and more of; me relishing these short, quiet conversations before life keeps whisking their attention away.

No matter how tempting it may be I think I may rip up those summer school forms after all : )

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Shop Till Ya Drop

Ladies & Gentelmen….it’s no secret I am a girly girl (except for the farmy stuff right?) and I LOVE to shop!!!  I will be participating in some fabulous events coming up and I don’t want you to miss out!  I also want to give some shout outs to some of my favorite shopping venues.  Put on your lipstick, text your girlfriends & I’ll see ya there!


As you may or may not know I hand pour soy candles.  You can find my candles at these locations:

Vintage Market in Zona Rosa North KC, MO

Kat & Company in St Joseph, MO

I will also be setting up shop at these fabulous locations to sell my wares.  I may even bring an animal or two along…you just never know.

MayFest May 5, 2012 in Savannah, MO at Idyllwild Gardens

Seasons at Westminster May 11 &12 in Historic Downtown St Joseph, MO

There are more shows to come but I want to keep you hanging.

There is a HUGE event that I am co-hosting with Blue Luna Designs that will be over The top fabulous!!!  It is called The Gathering.  There will be a complete page on my blog soon dedicated to this event with info all about it.  We are still finalizing some details but PLEASE save the date:  Saturday September 29, 2012 for a unique shopping and class event!  You will NOT want to miss out!

I’m listing my  go to shopping daytrips by City:

Savannah, MO

Idyllwild Gardens, Heavenly Treasures, Ivy Cottage

Saint Joseph, MO

Rusty Chandelier, Kat & Company, Garden Gate Flowers, Jamie’s Secret Garden, Simply Tea, 2 Trendy, Mod Podge, Lil Pink Closet and Chic Boutique on Frederick in Old St Joe


Candle Queen Boutiques, Artistic Works By Lu


Good JuJu, Bottoms Up Antique Market, Vintage Market in Zona Rosa, Apricot Lane, Urban Arts & Crafts

Atchison, KS

Providence Hill Farm, Nell Hills, Marigold Cafe

Liberty, MO

Red Apron

Weston, MO

Cactus Creek

Parkville, MO



Was there something I missed?  A treasure trove I must know about?  Please do tell!


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Frazzled Frenzied Fun

I know I’ve said this before but if I had someone following me around with a camera for a reality show it would be a hoot.  My mama always told me to act like you are confident even when you aren’t.  And over the years I have really learned to just be myself.  But myself ain’t always pretty.

Last week was a crazy & amazing week.  I was planning to go out of town for ‘the launch,’ getting ready for my first Ladies Night Out class for my Rusty ReDeux biz & preparing frantically for kidding season to begin with purchase of future mac daddy on our dairy goat farm who was arriving Monday (today).  (sigh).  Lots of prep here people.  I’m talking dresses & jewelry, goody bags & craft supplies, hundreds of dollars worth of medicine & loads of manual labor.  Yes I loved it but honestly I would have spread the love out a bit if I had been thinking straight.  It was C-R-A-Z-Y.  I even went grocery shopping at 9 pm one night!  So not this morning girl’s thing!

The week was eerie.  I’ve got this Blue Moon thing going on the past two weeks where everywhere I turn I see the words Blue Moon.  In movies, on jewelry beads, weird places.  Plus I’m excited and nervous all at the same time for each event.  And even a little sad to leave my babies for the weekend.  It seemed like life kept slapping us in the face all week like a giant wave that just kept washing over us every time we’d come up for air.  Our debit card info got stolen, keys were locked in cars, it was 90 and my husband works in HVAC.  You get the picture.

So on the big day, Friday, I have everything prepared & packed even though the house was UPSIDE down (still is mind you) and we’d eaten out more this week than we had in our whole ORGANIC RESLOLUTION LIFE CHANGE. I picked the boys up early from school so we could snuggle on the couch & play outside together before we left.  Instead life happened.  I had just gotten out of the bath and was hoping to take 2 hours to get ready (which is my favorite way to get ready) when the phone rang as I’m looking out my bedroom window.  It’s hubby saying Honey you’re gonna have to find someone to watch the kids tonight I have to work late again (ok I had stuff every night this past week and had left the kids with everyone I knew cuz hubby had to work late every night AND we were gonna be gone all weekend).  As I’m seething I notice the baby chicks are running all around the yard.  They are supposed to be in there special cage under the heat lamp.  I hang up, wrap a towel around my head & tighten my robe belt & yell for the kids to come help me.  As I’m chasing the chicks around the yard the mailman pulls up to deliver the mail.  Whew.  That was painful to relive.

The weekend ended great though.  My lovely sister in love watched the boys and the class was a blast.  The party & time alone with hubby was bliss.  And this little goat is adorable even if I am covered in milk from bottle feeding him.  The good & the bad are what makes life worth living. 

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