Baby Nubian Goats

Oh my. I’m in love!  These sweet things have just melted my heart!

Aren’t they precious!?!  I had been losing sleep with worry over the arrival of these munchkins!  My first birth on the farm where I needed to be present.  (Lots of reasons really …. but mainly cuz we milk mama and will be selling the babies.)  They were due to come today.  So on Monday I rechecked my lists and stayed up late watching You Tube videos of live births to prepare myself.  (not pleasant!)  I checked mama then took the boys to school and went to the vet to get some meds to induce her so I would know approximately when they would come.

 I came home from preschool and guess what?!?!  They had JUST been born!  All wet and gooey and everything and I didn’t have to do a thing!  Except scream with delight, call hubby, spill cornstarch everywhere (for their ears), dry them off and tuck them into bed and then milk, heat treat milk, feed, repeat Over & Over & Over & Over again!  But aren’t they precious!?  They’re coats are so silky!


What an experience!  I am thrilled to be able to live this simple life on the farm with my boys.  I could not be happier.  Even at 5 a.m. milking time!

Embrace the simple joys!

Blessings Friends!



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