Digging In The Dirt

One of my favorite things to do is dig in the dirt.  When I first started gardening I was a little obsessed.  I felt like if I had not dug something up and moved it or planted something new, my day was not complete!  Luckily for our pocketbook I had generous gardening friends who supplied me with lots of things to plant.

That is one thing I’ve learned about plants….most plants….like kids are way more tough than we think.  If you don’t like it there; move it.  Not blooming; move it.  Most plants are very hardy and can tolerate our indecisiveness.

I am behind on my garden this year.  With all of the baby goat action going on I am just now planting beets and peas and radishes.  Tomato & pepper plants are just now getting put to bed in the nursery (thanks Ronna!) and my lettuce won’t be planted until later this week.  But rather than not planting it at all I am pressing ahead.  So what if they are a little late right?

Gardening is so therapeutic for me.  I can think more clearly and it is my favorite form of exercise (I am still sore from my pathetic attempt at Poga or whatever it’s called.  I really admire all of you active exercisers, maybe one day I’ll get to the point where I can enjoy it).  However it is not often that I am alone in the garden.

As you can see the hens follow me anxiously awaiting the unearthed worm.  And our new billy goat Shadow is living up to his name, getting right under my feet.  I do enjoy their company.

But my favorite time is when my boys are out there with me.  I love to hear them talk about their day or name the plant by the seed.  They don’t work for long before their attention has them shooting BB guns and building forts.  I imagine that’s what my future holds more and more of; me relishing these short, quiet conversations before life keeps whisking their attention away.

No matter how tempting it may be I think I may rip up those summer school forms after all : )

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