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All About the Chickens

This week we are getting some new chickens….Buff Orpington. I’m really excited to add to our flock and am inspired to fancify the coop some more.  We have some big dreams for this coop….we are searching for the perfect cupola with a chicken motif weather vane….and we are in the process of installing a living roof over the turkey coop addition.

Chateau Poulet

I planted some gorgeous plants along the back fence of the coop and some shade trees and climbing vines.  In a few years it will be blooming & gorgeous.

There is such great inspiration for chicken coops.  I love these images I found on Pintrest.  (Linked to their original source of course!)

what would you include in your dream hen house?

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Have You Heard The One About….

I have been reminiscing of how far I’ve come in my farming ‘career’ even in the last six months to a year.  Wow!  What all started as sprucing up the yard with a flower garden has evolved into a huge passion and hobby farm.  Only 9 short months ago I brought home the dairy goats.  My how my life has changed.  And my dreams for the future of this farm are big and will keep on growing.  Who knows what goodness the farm will offer in another 6 months.

Some of my favorite blog posts are from those ‘early’ (haha) days and I’d like to slowly transfer them over to this new site for my new followers.  (Who are you?  Please comment away…..I thrive off communication and LOVE any feed back….even if it’s a disagreement!).  Here’s one of my favorites and why I chose to name myself The Amusing Provincial.

Funny Farm Girl

There is a reason the name of my blog means Funny Farm Girl.  As you follow my blog I hope you’ll find inspiration and a sense of motivation that if I can do it you can do it 100 times better!  Seriously, I am by no means an expert at this gardening/farm girl thing but I am learning!!!  Thank you for helping me learn….I’d love for you to post  your ideas on how I might be able to do something easier or better.  I can’t just read a book and know how to do something, I’m a YouTube girl…..I’ve got to see it and try it OVER and OVER before I can do it.  So each year hopefully I will have lived and learned and get the hang of things.
A few examples…..Shopping:  Where do you buy farm related supplies and feed for your animals?  I try to go to Orschlens because it is close to my house and the people that work there are very helpful and will even help me out to the car.  But they do not carry some of the brands of feed I need.  So my search went on all over our closest big town and I have to sometimes go to the more expensive and less friendly Tractor Supply.  I’m sure it’s a hoot to see me pursuing the aisles of this place (although they do carry cute boots, some blingin belts and even pink feed buckets…..the world is getting the hint girlz!) but the real amusing part is when I hit the parking lot.  It all begins with my cart full of 3-4 50 lb bags of feed and little ‘ole me and at least one child in tow.  As you leave the store the only way out is down a ramp.  Yep, a ramp…..that goes straight into a parking lot full of usually very nice diesel trucks….situated on one of the steepest hills on our main drag in Joe Town….you’ve got it; a declining parking lot.  Now, I am getting better and figuring this all out and by now I have learned to park at the bottom of the hill/lot because that is where I’m gonna end up.  Imagine me now, trying to look like the graceful gal I never have been, trying to keep a cart (on wheels ya know) with at least 150 lbs in it from rolling down a hill.  Not pretty!  Luckily I’ve never hit a car but I usually leave about in a fit of tears.  I heard rumor that a sweet little spot closer to home carries the same feed and will load it for me…Oh happy day! I do hope it’s true!
On to Gardening:  Last year I read a fabulous book that has inspired me in so many areas.  “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver is a book I reference over and over and it’s a fun read all about her adventures on the farm.  I highly recommend it.  She eats off her farm or from her neighbors in her county for a full year.  Wow!!!  So we worked all spring to build the Big Garden as we call it.  This garden has 28 raised beds in it.  I’d add more if I could.  I was under the misconception that I plant every seed or bulb in every packet.  For example; in the onions sets I bought (3 different varieties; 1 in each bed) I planted the full bag.  I have onions out the wahhzoo!  (is that even a word?).  However I planted the full seed packet of green beans into one bed and was able to can 6 pints and 1 quart.  I had hoped for enough green beans for the winter not the week!!!!!  Live & learn.  Live & learn.

Monique one of our Heritage Dominique Hens

Bamboo Tomato Cages in a Raised Bed

The Reason Why

So as you can see I am a far cry from an expert on farming and I am daily learning how difficult it is to garden organically (I have nightmares about squashbugs) and how expensive it is (any idea how much a good sheep fence is or parts for the waterer or feed or tomato cages….oh my).  But I do enjoy it!  Daresay I LOVE it!  I’m so thankful my husband puts up with all my whims and fancies and actually enjoys this hobby farm as much as I do.  At the end of the day I’d rather be weeding the garden and stomping the squashbugs (another great mental image) or greeting the hens that run (or waddle or whatever it is that they do) towards me and follow me around the yard because they know I’ll bring them a treat.  And to see my boys climbing trees and helping Daddy build nesting boxes or searching for potatoes in the dirt….this is why I do it.  Because it’s in me.  Somewhere deep down the girl I spent my junior and high school years trying to cover up with make up and name brand clothes and friends and phone calls….somewhere she’s down there, emerging daily as I finally embrace who I am and what I love….a Funny Farm Girl.

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Creative Endeavors

keeping the farm fancy


I love crafty homemade things.  And I love nothing more than to create them myself.  However, with a busy household it’s not quite so easy to sit down and make room to drag out all the supplies; let alone make time to create.  But I’ve found I NEED that time and I am happier when I’ve made time for myself to do so.

I believe that God instilled in us women the desire to be creative.  Whether it’s in choosing our family’s clothing or home decor or using our creative endeavors to launch a business to supplement the family income.  In Proverbs 31 the Bible states how this model women creates clothing and wares to sell from her hands.

I have long noticed the quality of women artisans in our area, which is one reason why I chose to start my Rusty ReDeux business.  I bring in amazing teachers and entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and provide the rest of us opportunities and skills to inspire our own creative spirits.

This summer among many goals I have, one is to make time each week to explore my creative side.  I purchased a book called The Artistic Mother which gives assignments of sorts.  Also I am participating in a craft swap on one of my favorite blogs.  All of this will lead up to a swap of my own and finally The Gathering event that I am so very excited for.  A day full of incredible workshops to participate in, fabulous food, demonstrations, giveaways and inspiring shopping.  Won’t you join me?


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Le Jardin

I love to garden!!!  It started with flowers.  I used to keep all of the flowers Aaron gave me (you know….back in the day when we were young & dating).  I would press them in books or make dried floral arrangements.  When we got married and had a house and a yard I started digging it up to put in flower beds of all kinds.  I used to go for big & bold.  I still love blousy, showy flowers but I have truly come to appreciate the low maintenance plants that give color and foliage all season long.  Sedum is a new favorite of mine that does just that.

I also love vegetable gardening as most of you know.

I am focusing this year on artfully arranging the veggies in my potager.

Pintrest is a great place to find ideas and I love to lay on the hammock in the garden with a book or magazine for inspiration.

Another favorite place for prize-winning advice?  My friend Angela’s blog!  (yes she can do it all!)  Her Potager Series has me bursting at the seams with ideas. I recommend reading her 101 Class.

One of our spring projects has been to add a fence around our Big Garden (28 raised beds).  Our favorite campground has a gorgeous heritage garden that we have long wanted to replicate.  We are slowly getting there, all the while adding our own twist.  Now that the pathways are laid we plan on adding an arbor with a long harvest table for Farm Fresh Dinners.  Someday we would love to add a Pizza Oven and enjoy our evenings in true European style (after our siesta of course!).

What would you include in your dream garden?

Rows of fragrant lavender?

 Stunning statuary or sundials?

Living walls of esparalied fruit trees?



Whimsical pathways?


Comments are welcome!

Business Adventures

My goodness I am not sad to bid adieu to April.  Yuck!  We are STILL recovering from all of the sickness we have had this past month.  At one point 4 out of 5 of our household members were on antibiotics all at the same time.  Farwell April!

May will be a very busy month for me.  As you may or may not know I have a couple of businesses.  From La Ferme, the farm stand point, I am selling baby Nubian goats (sniff sniff), goats milk & candles.  I have had so much fun selecting scents like Baby Bibb Lettuce & Tomato.  Monkey Farts & Coconut Lime.  Lilac & Lemon.  I am setting up at several events in May.

May 5 ….. Mayfest

May 11 & 12 ……. Seasons At Westminster

May 19 …… Rusty’s Pop Up Vintage Market at The Rusty Chandelier



On the creative craftin’ side….my Rusty ReDeux biz we are

offering the last Mommy & Me of the school year on May 10.

Crop Til Ya Drop …….. May 18

Granny Squares ……….. May 20

Garden Hoop Chandelier…..May 25


I’m as busy as my honeybees!  But in the best way possible! I would love to see you at any of these events.  May the month of May be as sweet as honey…………………..Blessings, Jennifer

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