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My Rusty ReDeux

Blue Luna Designs taught our Stamped Jewelry class last night

Here’s a quick peek at last night’s Stamped Jewelry Class.  I love my biz Rusty ReDeux!  It is so fun to meet with other ladies and get crafty!!!  Every class is a completely different subject.  I love to support local businesses and artists by showcasing them each month.  It is always a good time!!!  I’d love to hear in the comments below of any classes you’d like to take.

The class schedule is listed on our Facebook page under Rusty ReDeux and then under Events.  Each class fee includes supplies, refreshments and a party favor.  Plus a good time!!!  The classes are held upstairs at the Rusty Chandelier so there is also great shopping available!!

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Snail Mail

I love to go to the mailbox and see what treasures might arrive.  Inspirational magazines, sweet notes from friends, even advertisements from favorite boutiques letting me know about their next event or coupons from Feed Stores!!!

If you remember I had signed up to participate in a Swap from Speckled Egg.  The rules were easy to follow and the shopping was oh so fun!  And actually very inexpensive.  We had to put all of our treasures in one of those large match boxes.  I forgot to take pics of the ones I created for my new friends but I did decorate in their favorite colours and used some nature items like nests with felted balls to resemble eggs and moss, my new favorite decorating item!

I was paired up with two amazing artists.  Amy from Curly Q Mosiacs & Heather from Speckled Egg.  Amy is an awesome designer of paper creations including some really cool calendars.  Heather has a fabulous shop where you can order tiny trinkets to create with.  Please click on their names above to visit their sites and prepare to be inspired!!!

I hope in the near future to have a Swap organized as well so be looking for the details.  It is a fun and inexpensive way to make new friends and receive new goodies and of course get crafty yourselves.  If you are interested in participating in my swap please let me know in the Comments below.

Here are the amazing boxes I received.

sweet birdie in glitter trophy


I love all the farmy images


The boys & I have been loving the sheep cutter!


Details of even staples make this so sweet!


Packaged so neatly


The mushroom is one of my favorites!

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My Rusty Vessel

Darling pink cooler fround at JunkStock


Today an article in our local paper is coming out featuring ‘my story.’  It’s just a portion of my story…mainly about my venture into ‘farming.’  When I found out the photographer was coming I made a list of Honey Do’s for my man, and I was so nervous about sounding just right in the article.  Posh!  None of it matters!!!  See that sweet cooler featured above?  The insulated bottom is completely rusted out but inside that cooler is a perfectly sound and complete vessel.  I happen to love things a little chippy & rusty.  My life is really like that.  It doesn’t always look pretty.  I might want to polish it up for everyone to see but it’s LIFE.

I’ve had a pretty emotional week (yes already!) for personal reasons.  Sweet Jesus and even a few select friends know that my yard needs mowed, the stalls need cleaned, the laundry needs put away.  Only the kitchen sink is clean and that’s cuz Mama hasn’t cooked in days!!!  (Mini vacation & thank you Gina’s Cafe for feeding my hungry boys!)

I change it up between the master bed & the couch…REAL LIFE!

Life isn’t always pretty people!!!  I don’t want to be someone that acts as though mine is perfect cuz it is NOT!  Life is messy and yes even ugly.  It is unfair and sometimes I hate the lessons it tries to teach us!  But I do believe there is a God whom we can run to and who tries to show us His love amoung the Junk.

I have wanted this tin forever and after yes praying! for a treasure at Junkstock it’s the first thing I saw!


Squeeze your babies!  Say I’m sorry!  Call a friend!  Forget the mess today.

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FREE Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine!!!

If you read my blog at all you know how much I love The Parisienne Farmgirl & her blog!!!  She was one of the very first blogs I discovered and started following. She is such an inspiration in all of the areas I’m passionate about:  Family, God, Decorating, Food, France, Farming!!!  And you probably know that I got to meet her this spring!!!!  Beyond Exciting!!!  She is Beyond Beautiful inside & out!!!


I attended her Magazine Launch Party.  I was also blessed enough to have an article and a few photos included in the magazine and will have another article in this next edition.  This is a very high quality magazine with amazing photos, articles & recipes.  It’s so cool because it’s an E-Zine and I can refer to it over & over at my leisure.  You just flip the pages instantly in your inbox and the photos are crystal clear and simply just gorgeous!!!  I’m telling you – you will love it!!!  You can now get the first issue for FREE  (and read my chicken article!) and I promise you will want to read the next issue!!!  I hope that you will become a subscriber.  Be looking for a gorgeous ad for The Gathering in the next edition as well!

Here is an excerpt from Angela’s blog on how you can get your FREE magazine!



We have some goals set for Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine that we would love to reach by the 4th of July.
So, I know some of you girls are “on the fence” – you can’t quite figure out what all the fuss is about.
Just what is a “digital magazine” anyways???
You wonder…
“Am I going to like it?”
Yes, you’re going to love it.
“Isn’t it just a PDF?”
“No, it works just like a print magazine.  You don’t even have to put your glass of wine down you just click the button and the page turns.”
Is it full of advertising?  I’m sick of that.”
“No, we jury our ads and you’ll actually enjoy them.”
“Am I going to see interiors I’ve seen in every other magazine I pick up.  ‘Cause I’m sick of that too.”
“Mais Non!  We are going out of our way to scout out homes that have NOT been featured everywhere else.”
Now, we are pretty confident we can meet our goals.
But really, we’ve just sent the Summer Edition off to the publisher
and we’re so jazzed, we actually feel that you’re gonna
miss out
if you haven’t already subscribed.
Miss out on what?
We thought you’d never ask.
Cue the buzzwords…
George V (Yes, the hotel in Paris!)
Jo Packham
French General
Dry Sinks


Click Here to link over for your FREE magazine!

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Reality Check

The past few days I’ve been in a funk.  I’ll admit it.  Life on the farm ain’t always pretty.  In fact, more often than not I’m literally shoveling manure.  I DO love it I really do but somedays I can get overwhelmed.  I do a lot of the farmy stuff on my own without asking for help from my man (I save that for the building projects usually) as well as the other balls I’m juggling.  I love what I do; wouldn’t change a thing.  Just had a bit of a reality check moment the past few days.  Luckily looking at my Pintrest boards, in particular Future Farm, has me dreaming of more beauty (I mean work) to add to the farm!  So out came my camera (when will I ever learn to really use this thing?!) and I started to remember the beauty that’s all around me.

Here is a photo of my wheat just popping up in March.


Baby Wheat

Here is the wheat now all ready to harvest but oh no!!!!  Tragically even with the new fence all around it, it has been eaten by sweet deer.  The baby fawn trapped in the garden was a big hint.  You’ll have to read more by checking out my Facebook page.


Poor thing!


I love the contrast of the mature wheat & the cabbage.

One of my favorites:  blackberries.  I’m suprised the chickens left me a few.  One of my favorite memories is Grandma teaching me her famous blackberry pie recipe.  I even won a gorgeous apron from Ice Milk Aprons just for sharing that memory.  It came packaged in a darling mason jar.



I love to plant unusual veggies.  This year I planted Japonica Corn from Seed Savers Exchange.  Isn’t it gorgeous?!


Gorgeous Stripes

I’m a little obsessed with my lettuce patch this year.  It is so beautiful!



Last year one of my dear friends from Garden Club gave me a gorgeous Moon and Stars Watermelon.  It was so good!  The shell is green and covered with tiny yellow spots.  I saved the seeds and planted them and look at the leaves!!!  I know it’s not the best pic but they too are green with speckled yellow spots!


Moon & Stars Watermelon


Yep, my spirits are lifted!  Bring on tomorrow!!!

Oh & Aaron checked the bees and there will be plenty of honey for us this year!  Yea, can’t wait!

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Junk Love


I have always loved scraps of lace, furniture with chippy paint, jeans with holes in them (anyone remember The Jean Queen…..).

I would rather go antique shopping than to a shopping mall.

 I would rather wear jeans that feel like flannel from the wear than button ups & high heels any day.

So when I heard about the Junker’s Ball at Bottom’s Up Antique Market I grabbed my sister in law and we took off for a fabulous day.

Combine shopping for vintage goodies and a party with old prom dresses and cowboy boots?

What’s not to love?

It was right up my alley!

Here are some pics of treasures we found and fun we had.

La Ferme & Blue Luna (aka me & sis in love) ready to head out


The awesome bracelet custom made from Blue Luna Designs



The only time I sat down ALL day! Shop Til Ya Drop!



French postcards & letters. Ohh La La



Old globe & Vintage chalkboard. School's in session!



You know me & farmy treasures. Love this sheep and the french container says......"La Ferme!!!"




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