The french word for Autumn is l’automne.  Although it is usually an ending to the cycle of the year it is like a new beginning when school starts back up.  I am a goal girl.  Lists, usually outlined with roman numerals and very specific A.1.a etc.  I love writing out plans it makes it so much easier for me to stick with.  I am working right now on this new school years plan for both the whole family & me personally.  It is fun to dream and plan out what goals we have.  Thanks to my BFF Pintrest I have lots of great ideas for meals and the boys new TV schedule (I’m sure they will be estatic!!!).

Obviously I loved the part of school when we got assignments.  You know in college when you get your syllabus at the beginning of the semester?  I would start working right then on that big essay paper or figure out how many pages a day I needed to read to get done early.  I can’t help it….it’s how God made me.  Preparation is HUGE for me so I can arrive on time and ready to go without stress.  Now I do love summer where I let the reigns loosen and the rules fly out the window.  This time of release is a tonic for my household.  But after purging our house this past week and trying to get the boys back on a normal sleeping routine I wonder if it really is worth it.  But I suppose it is.

Because of my love of goals, lists, assignments I have been seeking out classes I want to take that actually interest me!  I almost wish I had been older when I went to college so I could have done that rather than take what I needed to get out of there. And now that I have my own childrens’ college funds to save for it’s very unlikely I will spend the small fortune they want for one semester of French.  However, in honor of Julia Child’s 100th birthday today, I will be seeking out a French class so if you hear of a Non Trad one in our area let me know!  I want to take a cooking class from JC Wyatt House, a cheese making class and croissant class from my dear friend Christy and a photography class.  I also enjoy creative classes online or at a retreat (Ahhhemmm… The Gathering girls!!!!) like those that the lovely Karla Nathan offers.  Karla has graciously donated a lovely nest she’s made and a code for a creative tutorial online that will be given away at The Gathering.  I am currently participating in her Fairy Pages swap that has been so fun to work on!  I also participated in a swap hosted by The Speckled Egg over the summer.  It is so much fun to make time to create and then make new friends and get goodies when you’re done!

Karla’s Giveaway Item


So in honor of the new school year, new goals, new schedules and of course The Gathering!!!  I am hosting a swap of my own.  This swap is called Building Your Bliss ( to tie into our themes at The Gathering on Finding Your Bliss and as a cheers to all of those ladies participating who are Living Their Bliss).

1. As a participant you will CREATE a bookmark.  It can be as simple as using old wallpaper scraps glued on cardstock or you could crochet one….the possibilites are endless!!!  And Pintrest has some great ideas!

2. Place the bookmark inside of a book somehow related to CREATING.  The value must be $14.95 or higher so can include any of Somersets amazing books/magazines such as Where Women Create (which printed on p. 83 The Gathering!!!).

3. Email me at amusingprovincial@yahoo.com by September 1 to let me know if you are participating.

4. Then purchase your book and make your bookmark.

5. By September 15 you must mail it to me with the address you will receive in your confimation email.  I know it may cost some postage but this will allow people from anywhere to be able to participate and to ensure no one gets their own Swap back.  If you do want to get it to me personally I will come up with a date/time to pick them up in St. Joseph, MO around this date.

6. Swaps can then be picked up at The Gathering on Saturday September 29, 2012.  If you are not coming to The Gathering (worth a road trip….more on all the area events coming soon) please include an extra $5 in your package for shipping for your new Swap item.


Sound fun?  I’m excited!!!  I’m sure everyone will do their best to ensure high quality items.  It is ok to give a used book that is of $14.95 value but please make sure it is indeed worth that much and in LIKE NEW condition, something you could resell at Hastings or Amazon for $14.95.  I apologize in advance if you do not receive a subject matter that you enjoy or if you already own the book there it’s just part of the risk.  Thanks SO VERY MUCH for participating and I cannot wait to meet you all at The Gathering!!!

Comments are welcome!