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September 29, 2012

Today is the day!!!  I have wanted to post photos so badly of all of the goodies we’ve created and decorations and vendors booths.  But really a photo cannot do it all justice.  It is like a dream come true with all of my favorite people, ‘shops’ and goodies.  I feel like it’s my birthday!!!  In fact one of my friends is having a birthday today and is still vending for me!!!  Happy Birthday Sara!!!

Speaking of friends I have met an amazing lady through the blog world.  Angela Reed from Parisienne Farmgirl.  What a blessing she is!!!  I am guest posting about The Gathering on her blog today.  Please click here to read.

I am so thankful for every single one of you who read my blog and who encourage me.  For those of you who have prayed for this day, helped with trips to Walmart or stayed up late sewing for me or stuffing goodie bags or watching my boys.  Thank you!!!!  I love you all!!!


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The Gathering Workshops

The Gathering is a few short days away and class registration ends this Saturday September 22!  I know I mentioned in my last post why these are so important to me and really the were the first spark in this dream of the event.  Connecting women through the power of creativity is a real passion for me.  Even if you do not think you are crafty I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone or try a new medium and you might discover a new passion of your own.
We have limited seating in our classes and even minimum class sizes.  We need a few more students in a few classes to bump up those numbers.  As a class participant you not only get one on one training, you receive an exclusive goody bag AND if you also pre order your lunch you get the chance to win some free cash to spend in the vendor arena.
Please consider this opportunity at this one of a kind event in our area.  Register on this blog under the subheading The Gathering.
Cream & Sugar Wool Handbag with Nora Neely 9-Noon $50 Creamy, luscious wool, fresh from a local sheep farm in Missouri. Design this durable little handbag that you will enjoy for years to come and possibly pass on down to your daughter. Learn the fascinating vintage technique of wet wool felting using wool roving straight from a sheep! Please bring an old bath towel, an apron & basic sewing kit. An additional supply fee of $10 (to be paid to instructor on the day of the class) includes vintage laces, sari ribbon, assorted buttons & embellishments. register!

Grandma’s Jewelry Box
Grandma’s Jewelry Box with Sheila Rumney 9-Noon $50 Each student will be provided with a beautiful kit of salvaged treasures from Grandma’s Jewelry Box including found objects and reclaimed pretties. Along with the found treasures your kit will also contain wire & findings to put together your unique, one of a kind treasure. I encourage you to bring your own treasures to make it uniquely your own. You will learn simple wire techniques, connecting your treasures & aging your metals. This class is great for the beginner or the advanced. All levels encouraged to come & create together. Please bring these supplies: jewelry pliers; round nose & flat nose & wire cutters. Optional supplies are: vintage treasures such as keys, broaches, shoe clips, etc . register!

Luminous Layers of Beeswax
Luminous Layers of Beeswax with Amanda Jolley 9-Noon $50 Curious how beeswax is used as a medium? This class will explore the basics of painting with encaustic medium, a mix of beeswax & demar resin. We will explore creating depth, inscribing lines, embedding visual imagery infusing color and adding collage elements. Each persons creation will be beautifully their own. Supplies you may bring if you choose: personal collage materials that can fit inside a quart ziplock bag, high contrast photos printed on regular copy paper (no inkjet photos please), apron or paint shirt. register!

Silk Scarf Class
Painting on Silk Scarves with Nora Neely 1-4 $50 Fabrics, paints & beads as well as instruction will be yours for this lovely class. Please bring a basic sewing kit with you to the class. An additional supply fee of $10 (to be paid to instructor the day of the class) will provide vintage laces, ribbons & beading needle. register!

SnapShots of Life Class
Snapshots of Life with Sheila Rumney 1-4 $50 “A good snapshots stops a moment from running away.” Eudora Wetley. Capture your memories & moments in this vintage inspired album. Gather your photos that stitch your story of family, friends & precious moments. This album is filled with vintage findings, keys, lace, fabrics & papers. Showcase this album in a vintage strawberry container that comes in your kit. Supplies to bring: scissors, paper trimmer,brown ink. Optional: glue gun, glitter glue, pop dots . register!
Gratitude Journal Class
Visual Gratitude Journal with Amanda Jolley 1-4 $50 Visual journaling can be a fresh way to tell stories, remember events and intuitively express emotions. This class will explore ways of expressing appreciation and gratitude through visual journaling in your very own handmade journal. Supplies to bring: Personal collage materials & photos on copy paper (optional) & favorite paintbrushes if you would prefer to use your own although they will be provided. Apron or paint shirt. register!
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Get Your Craft On

I’ve mentioned this off & on but I really do believe that a woman & creativity go hand in hand.  There is nothing like saying “I made this” or “I did this myself” that is more empowering.  It is usually a man that builds houses, fixes a car and is known for doing it all.  But the woman takes what the man makes & turns it into a thing of beauty.  That house becomes a home.  That car is a safe haven for after school conversations and bringing meals home.  We just have that special touch.

For me whenever I take the time to get creative, to make a mess, to leave my to-do list under that mess for a few hours, I come away more energized and refreshed and ready to tackle the day.  Whenever I make a special meal for my family or bring a fun dish to an event it feels rewarding!  Handing a friend a gift that you took the time to make or wrap carefully is a joy.

Everyone got paintings for Christmas the year I took a painting class. Taught by Cathy Kline.

Without going into detail I had an awful week but wanted to take the time to find a perfect gift for someone and that required making a big mess in a sea of photographs & scrapbooks.  I had the best trip down memory lane full of tears & joy & a huge feeling of gratitude that I had so much to remember & to be thankful for.  That mess was theraputic for me!!!  And now I feel encouraged to tackle the other hundreds of photos and make scrapbooks for my other two sons (yikes!!  time does get away from me!).

The necklace I made with vintage jewelry from Grandma & Mama’s jewelry box. Taught by Sheila Rumney

Even taking the time to stop at a garage sale for an unexpected treasure, make the cookies you really don’t want to make or break out that playdough (come on moms you know we hate it!!!) can all spur on creativity for us and our children and create…you guessed it….memories!!!  When I look at that gift someone made just for me I will always think of them.  It is a treasure.  When I see a necklace I made using special old jewelry of my moms and grandmothers I am holding an heirloom that reminds me not only of the wonderful day I made that necklace, but the people who are represented in that piece of jewelry.

My first jewelry class with April.

That is why The Gathering is so important to me.  It’s not about giving everyone a new place to shop full of all of the same things we see at every craft affair in an effort to make money.  This event is sparked from April & I’s desire to create & the joy we have because of it.  It is my desire that each item you see displayed for sale will spark your creative spirit.  That each word the vendors, and especially our speaker, has to say, will touch your soul in a way to give you freedom to take time back for yourself & the things you enjoy.  The classes that have been chosen to be shared are ones that will rejuvenate your creative side.  Each of our instructors are phenomenal women who will inspire you and motivate you and encourage you.  When I leave a class like theirs I am so excited and feel so empowered not only that I made this awesome piece of art but that I’ve made a friend and found a piece of me I had forgotten about.  We sometimes get so busy with our jobs, our families, our responsibilities that we forget we need to have fun and find joy.  And even if ‘being crafty’ isn’t your thing that’s ok.  Find your thing and DO IT!!!  When we allow ourselves to be who God made us to be and use our talents & gifts & sometimes just get messy we find freedom & happiness.

We have lots of promotions and discounts available regarding The Gathering to make sure everyone can partcipate.  Please “like” us on Facebook to see the most current promotions we have going on.  We are down to 1 week left to sign up for classes and I so hope that you will invest some time in yourself to take a class.

May your week be full of beautiful messes.

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Make Each Day Count

This weekend was almost magical.  The weather was simply gorgeous and although our To Do List is always long…we had no set plans.  A miracle in itself!!!  It felt as though the days were long & full.  I was able to savor the moment, not rush, to relish in each activity.  Combined with a thankful heart full of gratitude for what I am so blessed to have, and to do, has left me with a blanket of peace to tuck into after the weekend.  The last few weeks I have been so burdened with busyness and sorrowed by situations I find loved ones in, that it has felt like a heavy cloak on my shoulders.  For a few short days I was able to lay it aside and truly enjoy each moment.

I took time for kickball with my boys, lunch with a new friend, and nature acitivites.  Time at our cabin, lunch out with the family and fishing.  Some how the days held time to even get homework done, laundry, grocery shopping & mowing.  I found time to make my honey’s favorite dish and even cookies for the boys.  I lingered over chores….brushing the goats, petting the cows, fluffing the cats’ bed.

Often times I find myself seeing a friend in a store yet rushing by with a quick wave.  This weekend I took the extra 10 minutes to visit and felt so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.  For one magical weekend I was given the gift of time.  Of realizing what I am so blessed to have.  I look forward to having more days like this one.  Making each one count.

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It Just Keeps Getting Better

I’m sorry loves but The Gathering is going to be FABULOUS!!!  Every part of it!  I can’t tell you how much work and time and what fun we’ve had putting in thoughts of every detail of this event!!!  When it came time to choose the food to be served for lunch at our event we wanted someone local.  A woman.  A small business owner.  One of us.  We wanted delicious food.  Affordable.  With that special small town touch.  And wouldn’t you know I just happened to grow up with such a lady who exceeds all of our criteria?
Regina Calderwood owns a fantastic cafe & catering businesses.  You may recognize her from Josephine Magazine.  She is a wife, mother and a fabulous cook.  We could not be happier that she said YES and is going to serve YOU at The Gathering!!
Normally when you ask someone to cater an event you give that person a number of the guests she is to serve.  Well here is where you come in.  We would LOVE to have you pre purchase your Event Ticket and your meal so that we can plan accordingly.  Now it is NOT required.  If you wake up on Saturday September 29 and think Oh NO I  didn’t RSVP I can’t come….get in the car and COME!!!  But if you know that you are planning on coming if you could so kindly pre purchase those 2 items then that day will be all the more sweet for you as well.  Also, if you are a vendor or student of a class you can pre purchase your lunch.  To make the deal even more appealing we are offering Pre Purchased Meals $1 off the cost it will be the day of the event.  How great is that?  Below you will find the menu that will be served that day.  On our event page you will find a place to register for classes, the event & your meal.  If you do not have PayPal no problem.  You can call me at 816.244.0788 and pay over the phone with your debit/credit card of you can mail us in a check or cash.  We want this day to be as convenient for you as possible.
Also listed below you will find all of Gina’s contact info and a list of her delicious pies.  Now some of you know about her pies.  They are DIVINE.  I’m not kidding.  This girl is famous for her pies!!!  You can contact Gina to preorder a pie to be taken home the day of the event.
Thank you so much for supporting local, women business owners.  We could not do this without you!!!
Lunch will be served by Gina’s Cafe & Catering from 10:30-2:30.
Gina’s will be serving Chicken Salad Sandwiches on Croissant with chips for $6.99 & BreadBowl with Soup (Brocoli & Cheese or Potato) for $4.99  To reserve your lunch at this price BUY NOW.  This gives us the benefit of knowing how many people to prepare for.  If you want to purchase that day you sure can for an extra dollar per meal making the sandwich $7.99 and the soup $5.99  Drinks & pie will be available for purchase as well.
Gina offers amazing pies that you can preorder and pick up at The Gathering.  To preorder email Regina at: with your pie order.  She offers fruit pies for $15 cream pies for $12
Strawberry, Apple, Peach, Cherry, Blackberry, Black Raspberry, Carmel Apple, Gooseberry, Lemon, Pumpkin, Pecan, Banana, Coconut, Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Peanut Butter Chocolate, Raisin & Butterscotch.
She is also open at her Cosby location for dinner from 5-10 on Monday evenings.  You can find her on FB or online at or by calling her at 951.531.7987.
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