Get Your Craft On

I’ve mentioned this off & on but I really do believe that a woman & creativity go hand in hand.  There is nothing like saying “I made this” or “I did this myself” that is more empowering.  It is usually a man that builds houses, fixes a car and is known for doing it all.  But the woman takes what the man makes & turns it into a thing of beauty.  That house becomes a home.  That car is a safe haven for after school conversations and bringing meals home.  We just have that special touch.

For me whenever I take the time to get creative, to make a mess, to leave my to-do list under that mess for a few hours, I come away more energized and refreshed and ready to tackle the day.  Whenever I make a special meal for my family or bring a fun dish to an event it feels rewarding!  Handing a friend a gift that you took the time to make or wrap carefully is a joy.

Everyone got paintings for Christmas the year I took a painting class. Taught by Cathy Kline.

Without going into detail I had an awful week but wanted to take the time to find a perfect gift for someone and that required making a big mess in a sea of photographs & scrapbooks.  I had the best trip down memory lane full of tears & joy & a huge feeling of gratitude that I had so much to remember & to be thankful for.  That mess was theraputic for me!!!  And now I feel encouraged to tackle the other hundreds of photos and make scrapbooks for my other two sons (yikes!!  time does get away from me!).

The necklace I made with vintage jewelry from Grandma & Mama’s jewelry box. Taught by Sheila Rumney

Even taking the time to stop at a garage sale for an unexpected treasure, make the cookies you really don’t want to make or break out that playdough (come on moms you know we hate it!!!) can all spur on creativity for us and our children and create…you guessed it….memories!!!  When I look at that gift someone made just for me I will always think of them.  It is a treasure.  When I see a necklace I made using special old jewelry of my moms and grandmothers I am holding an heirloom that reminds me not only of the wonderful day I made that necklace, but the people who are represented in that piece of jewelry.

My first jewelry class with April.

That is why The Gathering is so important to me.  It’s not about giving everyone a new place to shop full of all of the same things we see at every craft affair in an effort to make money.  This event is sparked from April & I’s desire to create & the joy we have because of it.  It is my desire that each item you see displayed for sale will spark your creative spirit.  That each word the vendors, and especially our speaker, has to say, will touch your soul in a way to give you freedom to take time back for yourself & the things you enjoy.  The classes that have been chosen to be shared are ones that will rejuvenate your creative side.  Each of our instructors are phenomenal women who will inspire you and motivate you and encourage you.  When I leave a class like theirs I am so excited and feel so empowered not only that I made this awesome piece of art but that I’ve made a friend and found a piece of me I had forgotten about.  We sometimes get so busy with our jobs, our families, our responsibilities that we forget we need to have fun and find joy.  And even if ‘being crafty’ isn’t your thing that’s ok.  Find your thing and DO IT!!!  When we allow ourselves to be who God made us to be and use our talents & gifts & sometimes just get messy we find freedom & happiness.

We have lots of promotions and discounts available regarding The Gathering to make sure everyone can partcipate.  Please “like” us on Facebook to see the most current promotions we have going on.  We are down to 1 week left to sign up for classes and I so hope that you will invest some time in yourself to take a class.

May your week be full of beautiful messes.

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