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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like….

Hello Friends!   I am slighlty off my blogging schedule thanks to computer issues.  Boo.  It’s crazy how dependent we can become on technology. 

We’ve been doing the Busy thing again.  Sport practices.  Working.  Creating.  Holidays.  So many blessings and things to be thankful for.  I am way behind this year.  Usually I am DONE shopping by November!!! This year I only have 1 gift purchased so far.  I hope to change that today and get a lot done.  With lots to juggle somehow my holiday shopping fell through my hands. I’m excited to get back on track today and also come up with my holiday calendar. 

My booth at The Rusty Chandelier filled with holiday goodies!

I love to make a list of all of the fun activities we do as a family and schedule those in on my special holiday calendar.  I had purchased it from Hallmark a few years ago but basically it’s just a blank calendar of November & December dedicated to festive events. 


Some of the things we do annually is of course watch Christmas movies with popcorn and pizza.  I try to schedule those on Friday evenings.  Hot cocoa is a must with lots of whipped cream!

I think we’ll try this idea for the kids this year

There is the finding the real tree and of course the decorating.  Wrapping presents and driving around to see all of the holiday lights.  My mom & sisters & I get together with our kiddos for a special holiday party early on in the season for baking as well as crafts and fun for the kids.  On my husbands side we always make gingerbread houses.  This year we have a grandma coming in from California for the holidays so it will be extra special.  Another grandma and I go shopping together every year.  There are so many fun ways to make the season merry & bright.  What are some of your holiday traditions?

I am excited to get started and to hear from you for fresh ideas to add magic to Christmas!

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Weekend Wanderings Oct 26-28, 2012

Brrr!!!  Yesterday was 80 & today its 42!   Don’t ya just love Missouri weather?!  Luckily I’m working from home today making Christmas ornaments & working on a new addition to my candle line just in time for the holidays.  Even the chickens are staying inside the coop today and Romance was shivering when I was milking this morning. 

If the weather doesn’t bother you there are some fun outdoor activiites going on this weekend in our area. 

Saturday is the day y’all for all the good fun!  In St Joseph Schweizer Orchard is having a day of pumpkin pickin day of fun with hayrides and have the kiddos wear their costumes. 

After you leave there head over to East Hills Mall from 1-3 for an indoor Trick or Treating to participating stores. 

Then from 2-6 you can crusie on out to my hometown of Cosby, Missouri for our 1st ever Cosby Fest!  There will be vendors and a car & tractor show, trick or treating at 4:30 and games!!!  I’d love to see you there!  We are using all money raised to buy new playground equipment for our local park.

If you’re in the KC area there are lots of fun going on’s like story time at Barnes & Noble  and at Legends on Saturday they are having their Boo Fest that looks like a blast!  One last fun event in KC is the ever popular ZOO!  I have to tell you we have participated in some of their special events and they are really worth the drive. 

If you feel like shopping after all of that go & visit The Barn Gypsy sale in Hamilton, MO and tell them I sent you!!  Lots of good finds to be found!  And of course there are tons of fun shops in our St Joseph area which I have mentioned in a previous post like:  Mod Podge, Chic Boutique, Rusty Chandelier & Kat & Co just to name a few. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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One of my favorite Pinterest Photos click on photo to go straight to original source.


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One Baby Step At A Time

I am a very busy gal.  I dabble in a lot of different things and have many, many interests.  A lot of times I think I have too much going on to do any one thing really well.  But I have to say I’m just one of those people who gets frustrated if I only have one thing going on.  I do enjoy being busy and involved with lots of different activities.  On the flipside, although I am almost never bored, even at home, (because I am always dreaming up ideas of things to try and add to my list) when it comes down to it I am a very simple gal who has one main passion:  Raising My Family.  From that stems all of these other avenues.  All of my ‘hobbies’ to try to earn a little extra money while staying home.  My farm; giving my kids that experience of hands on living and teaching them all of those good ‘old fashioned values.  My volunteer work in most ways surrounds their activities and their school.  And of course I like to make everything look as cute as possible in the process.  : )

Because I must mulit task constantly,  And because I do not do that very well, I love to make lists.  The pen & paper kind.  I like to make goals.  Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily.  I even like to outline them with Roman Numerals.  Yes I’m weird!  This helps me to stay organized and plan ahead.  My favorite part?  Crossing items off those lists!!!

A lot of people ask me how did you get started in hobby farming?  Or candle making?  Or planning events? It’s very simple.  I had an idea or a dream and I wrote it down.  I have lots of fears but for some reason I have no fear of trying something.  I never think it will fail.  And sometimes when it does it hurts and shocks me.  But of course it’s good for me.  And I value the lessons learned and am always ready to move onto the next thing.

Today I want to challenge you to find out what your passion is or what is a new hobby you would like to try?  Who do you WANT to be?  What do you WANT to do?  Write it down and then make a timeline to make it happen.  If you want a new job maybe you can take a personality test this week to see what kind of job you would be good at.  Then next week you can research that job, etc.  Do you want to have a healthier lifestyle?  Start today by logging your foods & exercises.  Next week you can call about gym memberships.  You don’t have to be like me and think “I want to raise my own milk and eggs”, look up dairy goats on Craigslist and then jump in!  Yes that’s how I work, but you can make baby steps.  But let me warn you, time will continue to pass.  Whether we like it or not.  If we don’t start our dreams time will have gone by and we will never have started them.  And if you find out your dream has changed that’s ok too.  You can always convert that barn into a workshop or an apartment.  Those new hair extensions will grow out.  Life is too quick to say I wish I would have.  I know my lists of dreams and goals are long….there is so much I want to cram out of this life I have!  I want it to be full of experience and passion!  What do you WANT?


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Weekend Wanderings October 19-21, 2012

TGIF!!!  How do the days slip by so quickly?  My life is full and blessed!  I had a great week with lots of amazing people and am ready for some family time this weekend.

Friday is our High School Homecoming!  My husband & I are high school sweethearts so I’ve been taking my boys to the annual parade since they were babies.  We are hoping for good weather to rock our black & gold & cheer the Savannah Savages on!

On Sunday my oldest son has his first hockey game of the season.  The game is 2 hours away so I am looking forward to catching up with the kiddos and getting some crocheting projects done.  We also have 2 hayrides this weekend!!!

Good thing my Saturday is wide open because there are some great sales going on in our area.

From 9-3 on Saturday Oct 20 Cameron, Missouri is holding their fall festival.  I personally know some great vendors who will be setting up there.

While you’re on the highway swing over to Liberty, Missouri’s monthly Red Apron Sale.  A fun, new venue with lots of unique items.

Now that garage sale season is over I love it when great flea markets pop up!  Friday, Saturday or Sunday check out KC’s Good Company’s 2nd Annual Flea Market.

Now how will I fit in it all?!  Oh and if you happen to be lucky enough to live near Illinois you don’t want to miss the amazing Nada Farm Sale!  I have been following Anne Marie’s blog for over a year now and would so love the chance to meet her and see her farm some day.

Whatever you decide to do ENJOY!!!!

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My 1 Year Blog Anniversary!

I missed it!!!  I missed the anniversary of my first year of blogging!!!

After embarking on the wild world of hobby farming in 2010, with the introduction of milking goats in August of 2011, I started my original blog on September 3, 2011!!!  I would never have believed all of the wonderful things that were going to happen in the year to come.  Writing for Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine and meeting her!  Planning & co-hosting an amazing event; The Gathering!  Adding my soy candle line to my Fresh From the Farm Series.  Wow!  I have been blessed!  And I am so excited to see what God has in store for the next year!  Thank you so very much for reading, I am truly honored!  I would love to hear from you and if you are a fellow blogger leave a link’ I would love to read your blog!!

Here you will find my very first entry (I was so nervous!!!) it was fun to go back and read all of my blogspot posts and I hope you will link over and read them too.  Thanks to my wonderful cousin Nate for my new WordPress design and .com which I love!

Sept 3, 2011


My name is Jennifer Morris and I need a steady diet of faith, farm & fancy!!!  My passions for healthy eating and all things French & Fabulous led me on a journey that has brought me closer to God, given me the motivation to embrace the all-natural, organic movement creatively and make it look cute while doing so!  Inspired by open air French markets, rustic estates and God’s own handiwork in it’s purest form I’ve created a haven on our farm.  Pastel-hued eggs, dripping honeycombs, fresh milk &  heirloom vegetables are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.  I hope you’ll enjoy following my blog about the benefits of life on the farm.

Click HERE to read why I chose the name Amusing Provincial for my blog name.


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Weekend Wanderings – October 12-14, 2012


This summer Mom, Dad & the boys & I took a weekend road trip to Omaha for some camping, the zoo & JUNKSTOCK!!!  Talk about quality vendors!  I had a great time meeting new people and purchasing lovely items.  Hmmmm….come to think of it I still have the 20 horseshoes I bought there………..craft project?

This weekend is the fall edition of JUNKSTOCK.   It’s a really cool venue on a farm right outside of city limits.  I was so impressed this summer with their kiddo section….bounce house, stickers, tattoos….smart people to keep kids happy while mama shops!  They will be open Friday & Saturday from 9-6 and Sunday 10-4.  Maybe I’ll see you there!

If you plan on sticking around Saint Joseph be sure and check out all the fun on Saturday for Missouri Western State University’s Homecoming.  There will be a parade downtown at 9 and then FREE Artsy/Kiddo stuff from 10:30-12:30 on campus.  The boys & I are participating in both events and really looking forward to it.

The annual PumpkinFest will be held for it’s 17th year!  They have a neat tradition of a lit up wall of jackolanterns.  This 3 day event lasts from 5 pm Friday night until 5 pm Sunday.

On Sunday from 6-9 Word of Life Church is hosting their annual Octoberfest with corn maze & pony rides. I don’t think if you live around here you will have any problem finding something to do.

One last event going on is at a place I truly love:  Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge.   On Saturday they are having a 5 K Walk/Run to raise funds for the refuge.  It is truly a beautiful place and I really wish we could participate this year.

Did I miss anything?  What do you have planned for this gorgeous weekend?

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La Ferme Soy Candles


A little info on my candles I have to sell…..I will no longer be selling them in Zona Rosa after September 30 so I wanted to let y’all know where you can find them!  Currently I have them for sell at The Rusty Chandelier & Kat & Co in Saint Joseph, MO.  I was honored to have them featured at Brocante Bliss in the West Bottoms in September…yea!!!  I do sell them at certain craft fairs like Trails West, Weston’s Apple Fest & More.  These are usually announced on my Facebook Page:  Amusing Provincial of La Ferme.


A little about my candles.  Since I’m a farmy, hippie, organic kinda girl I use all natural soy wax that burns cleaner (without that yucky smoke) and supports farmers (wahoo!).  More reasons why soy is the way to go can be found here.

The candles I sell are 16 ounces and $16 each.  I also make tart warmers similar to Scentsy bars that are $4.  I can make almost any scent you can imagine….the possiblities are overwhelming!!  I have a few favorites that I enjoy and use as my ‘main’ scents I keep on hand.  They are:

Lilac, Lemon, CinnaBun, Orange Vanilla, Cherry Almond, Goat Milk & Honey, Cafe Latte, Country Clothesline, Amish Quilt, LoveSpell, Monkey Farts & Baby Bibb Lettuce.  Currently I have some fabulous fall scents like Banana Nut Bread, Pumpkin, Carmel Apple & Farmhouse Cider.

Please leave a comment or shoot me an email if you have any questions about the candles and where you can get them, order them, etc.  I’ve even been known to ship them!!!  And thanks again for all of your support!!!

This week only I am having a Facebook Candle Sale!!!  I’m ready to move out my Fall Inventory & focus on Holiday scents!!  Limited Number of Candles/Fragrances so Act Fast.  Comment below to order or message me or email me at Sale ends Friday. And if in the area I am happy to deliver. Normal Candle price for 16 oz. candle 100% soy is $16.  Sale is 2 candles for $30 ($32 value) or Buy 2 get 1 1/2 off for $40 ($48 value) or Buy 3 get 1 FREE for $48 ($64 value) Scents include limited supply of Carmel Apple, Pumpkin, Banana Nut Bread, Farmhouse Cider, Lemon, Apple Orchard, CinnaBun, Home, LoveSpell, Orange Vanilla, Cherry Almond & Monkey Farts.



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This Weekend Oct 5-7, 2012

Today I am starting a new tradition on my blog!  I haven’t nailed down a title but I’m thinking of calling it:  Weekend Wanderings.  What do you all think?  Every Friday morning you can check my blog for all of the fun events that I know of that are going on.  If there is an event you would like for me to share you can email me at:

There are always so many fun things going on and I don’t want you to miss out!!!

Weston is a charming town for sure but in the fall it is glorious.  The winding roads and lovely countryside are radiant in their autumn wardrobe.  Weston has a great pumpkin patch called The Red Barn Farm.  I took my two younger boys there last week with their school and my boys were sure to keep their “farmer”/instructor on task.  I think they could have taught the section on dairy goats and honeybees.  We had a great time!  Some of my favorite shops are in Weston, like Cactus Creek which my friend Fancy owns.    Her style is amazing!!!  She’s also a lovely face behind Junk Mafia.  The Copper Rabbit in Weston sells my friend Cali’s soap that has my very own goat milk in it!!!  Isn’t that the coolest?!  Cali & I will be set up this weekend at Weston’s annual Apple Fest.  It is such a great time with a parade, lots of handmade items, cider press and more!  Come & see us this Saturday & Sunday.

 Another of my favorite events is being held this weekend.  First Fridays in Bottoms Up Antique Market.  I have met the most wonderful people at First Fridays.  Kelly, Megan & Natalie from Brocante Bliss are fabulous ladies who were sweet enough to showcase my candles last month.  Carol Spinski from Raised in Cotton & Kelly from Farmstead as well as Tres Melindas are some of my favorites in the Bottoms Up building.  Cactus Creek & my friend from Just Claudia are set up in the Restoration Emporium building.  You could spend the whole day exploring these amazing buildings.  Check them out Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

If you’re up for a road trip head to Walnut, Iowa for their Junk-Tober Fest this Friday & Saturday from 10-5.  Some of my favorite vendors will be set up there.

Here in Saint Joseph the Josphine Women’s Expo will be held in the Civic Arena.  This HUGE event will be bringing you LOTS of great vendors including delicious food from my friend Regina at Gina’s Cafe & Catering.  Her food SOLD OUT at The Gathering last week!  It was delicious!

Sunday October 7 from 1-4 at Albrecht Museum there are having their annual family day where you can bring your kiddos out for FREE to visit the museum and enjoy the great acitivites they will have available.

Throw in a couple of birthday parties and I think I will have to sleep on Monday!  Hope to see you soon!

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Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to The  Gathering this past weekend!  It was a fabulous time!!!  I was a little star struck by all of my favorite vendors, artists, teachers, media and you!!!  Yes all of you lovely people who came to support April & I’s little dream.  Thank you!!!  We had over 100 shoppers and countless friends, family and vendors.


The farm has survived without me as hubby & the boys stepped in to take over chores.  The cows were happy to see me and the eggs actually might get brought into the house rather than chucked by the boys this week. The house however is still getting some much needed attention.  Life goes on and so I am making candles for this weekends Apple Fest in Weston.  It will be a great time…I hope to see some of you there.  Make sure you check back often to see where La Ferme will be….there are many more exciting events coming up!

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I am overwhelmed by your support.  Farm Hugs, Jennifer







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