La Ferme Soy Candles


A little info on my candles I have to sell…..I will no longer be selling them in Zona Rosa after September 30 so I wanted to let y’all know where you can find them!  Currently I have them for sell at The Rusty Chandelier & Kat & Co in Saint Joseph, MO.  I was honored to have them featured at Brocante Bliss in the West Bottoms in September…yea!!!  I do sell them at certain craft fairs like Trails West, Weston’s Apple Fest & More.  These are usually announced on my Facebook Page:  Amusing Provincial of La Ferme.


A little about my candles.  Since I’m a farmy, hippie, organic kinda girl I use all natural soy wax that burns cleaner (without that yucky smoke) and supports farmers (wahoo!).  More reasons why soy is the way to go can be found here.

The candles I sell are 16 ounces and $16 each.  I also make tart warmers similar to Scentsy bars that are $4.  I can make almost any scent you can imagine….the possiblities are overwhelming!!  I have a few favorites that I enjoy and use as my ‘main’ scents I keep on hand.  They are:

Lilac, Lemon, CinnaBun, Orange Vanilla, Cherry Almond, Goat Milk & Honey, Cafe Latte, Country Clothesline, Amish Quilt, LoveSpell, Monkey Farts & Baby Bibb Lettuce.  Currently I have some fabulous fall scents like Banana Nut Bread, Pumpkin, Carmel Apple & Farmhouse Cider.

Please leave a comment or shoot me an email if you have any questions about the candles and where you can get them, order them, etc.  I’ve even been known to ship them!!!  And thanks again for all of your support!!!

This week only I am having a Facebook Candle Sale!!!  I’m ready to move out my Fall Inventory & focus on Holiday scents!!  Limited Number of Candles/Fragrances so Act Fast.  Comment below to order or message me or email me at Sale ends Friday. And if in the area I am happy to deliver. Normal Candle price for 16 oz. candle 100% soy is $16.  Sale is 2 candles for $30 ($32 value) or Buy 2 get 1 1/2 off for $40 ($48 value) or Buy 3 get 1 FREE for $48 ($64 value) Scents include limited supply of Carmel Apple, Pumpkin, Banana Nut Bread, Farmhouse Cider, Lemon, Apple Orchard, CinnaBun, Home, LoveSpell, Orange Vanilla, Cherry Almond & Monkey Farts.



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