One Baby Step At A Time

I am a very busy gal.  I dabble in a lot of different things and have many, many interests.  A lot of times I think I have too much going on to do any one thing really well.  But I have to say I’m just one of those people who gets frustrated if I only have one thing going on.  I do enjoy being busy and involved with lots of different activities.  On the flipside, although I am almost never bored, even at home, (because I am always dreaming up ideas of things to try and add to my list) when it comes down to it I am a very simple gal who has one main passion:  Raising My Family.  From that stems all of these other avenues.  All of my ‘hobbies’ to try to earn a little extra money while staying home.  My farm; giving my kids that experience of hands on living and teaching them all of those good ‘old fashioned values.  My volunteer work in most ways surrounds their activities and their school.  And of course I like to make everything look as cute as possible in the process.  : )

Because I must mulit task constantly,  And because I do not do that very well, I love to make lists.  The pen & paper kind.  I like to make goals.  Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily.  I even like to outline them with Roman Numerals.  Yes I’m weird!  This helps me to stay organized and plan ahead.  My favorite part?  Crossing items off those lists!!!

A lot of people ask me how did you get started in hobby farming?  Or candle making?  Or planning events? It’s very simple.  I had an idea or a dream and I wrote it down.  I have lots of fears but for some reason I have no fear of trying something.  I never think it will fail.  And sometimes when it does it hurts and shocks me.  But of course it’s good for me.  And I value the lessons learned and am always ready to move onto the next thing.

Today I want to challenge you to find out what your passion is or what is a new hobby you would like to try?  Who do you WANT to be?  What do you WANT to do?  Write it down and then make a timeline to make it happen.  If you want a new job maybe you can take a personality test this week to see what kind of job you would be good at.  Then next week you can research that job, etc.  Do you want to have a healthier lifestyle?  Start today by logging your foods & exercises.  Next week you can call about gym memberships.  You don’t have to be like me and think “I want to raise my own milk and eggs”, look up dairy goats on Craigslist and then jump in!  Yes that’s how I work, but you can make baby steps.  But let me warn you, time will continue to pass.  Whether we like it or not.  If we don’t start our dreams time will have gone by and we will never have started them.  And if you find out your dream has changed that’s ok too.  You can always convert that barn into a workshop or an apartment.  Those new hair extensions will grow out.  Life is too quick to say I wish I would have.  I know my lists of dreams and goals are long….there is so much I want to cram out of this life I have!  I want it to be full of experience and passion!  What do you WANT?


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