Weekend Wanderings Nov 30-Dec 2, 2012

some glittery party favors for todays’ workshop!

Hello Friends!!!  And Happy Friday!!!  I have to tell you I really don’t know much that is going on this weekend.  What’s everyone doing???  Please feel free to email me your events that you would like for me to showcase.  amusingprovincial@yahoo.com

The one event I do know about is today’s Grand Opening for Sweet Wishes Cakery in Savannah, MO!  This adorable PINK! shoppe is full of delicious goodies and even has a room for parties I have heard!  If you are in the area be sure and check it out!

I have been looking forward to this particular day for quite some time.  I have long been a fan of Raised In Cotton.  When we were planning The Gathering and I knew I wanted a speaker I somehow mustered up the courage to ask one of the masterminds behind this inspiring store to be apart of the event.  Lo and behold the generous and lovely lady said YES!  I have come to find Miss Carol Spinski to be a true inspiration as a person as well as a business woman.  She has once again offered an amazing opportunity that I am so blessed to be apart of:  Her Shine Workshop.  This day is full of amazing women sharing their creative talents and how to implement them in your business.  I will have lots of nuggets of wisdom to share with you later.  I cannot wait to meet Debbie of A Curious Sofa….yet another business I have long admired!  And Karla Nathan is the lovely woman who posted on her blog about The Gathering as well as donated some amazing prizes.  And I haven’t even met her in person yet!  Still another truly generous spirit is Amy Barickman who will be sharing and once again contributed to The Gathering without even having met me.  These woman are my mentors whom I aspire to be more like.  They are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

This one day event was up on Facebook for only one day I believe because only 15 spots were available.  My beautiful sister in law and friend, April, purchased the event ticket for me as part of my birthday present!  I can hardly wait to spend the day with her and my friend Sheila!  Both of these woman are my go to creative gurus who encourage me to not give up on my dreams and to keep trekking down this creative path that we all love and share.  They are truly amazing women who manage to be awesome moms, wives and work full time and still create the most amazing art as well as put up with my constant ramblings and crazy ideas.  I love them!!!

There are so many other amazing women in our little area who are creative genuises that I admire and love and are truly good people.  That is the dominant characteristic of people I have met on this creative journey.  They are genuine and quick to help, inspire and encourage.  I hope that I can be those things to you my friend.  Thanks for walking beside me along the way.


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