Weekend Wanderings November 23-25, 2012

I am sure most of you are spending the weekend with family celebrating Thanksgiving.  I know that I have so very much to be thankful for this year.

And others of you will be decking your home with holiday garlands.

And some of you will be braving the stores for some retail therapy and bargains.

I have been working on some party favors for a little workshop I am attending at the end of the month.  As well as painting a few canvases for my booth.  I am also refereeing (as in the black and white whistle kind) the 3 boys as we are home all weekend.  I plan on loving on all of my nieces and nephews. The ones that are still young enough to let me do that.  My three older beauties are old enough to chat about fashion and music with me which I love!  And if it warms up above freezing (my thermostat says it’s 27 out right now!) then maybe I can talk Aaron into helping me trim some hooves.  Why oh why didn’t we do that yesterday when it was 72!!!!????!!!!  Crazy Missouri weather!

Here is a great event I would love to try and make if we need some road trip action.  I met one of the artists who will be featured this fall at The Gathering.  You know I love to support local artists.  Julie will be at The Crafty Chicks Sale in Liberty, MO this Saturday.

Also Kat & Company & The Rusty Chandelier are having some great sales as well!  Thank you for your continued support.

Be safe out there and Count Your Blessings!


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