Shimmer & Shine

The amazing ornament we made designed and taught by Miss Karla Nathan

Last week’s Shine workshop that I posted about was A-Mazing!!!  Being surrounded by creative & talented women who are sharing their experiences in a business you aspire to have is so uplifting!  And valuable!  What I learned the most was that anyone can reach their dreams if they take action.  A successful business is an individual thing and I love that!  What makes me feel successful is all that matters.

The 4 beauties: Carol Spinski, Karla Nathan, Debbie Dusenberry & Amy Barickman

I came away encouraged and ready to tackle the Next part of my creative business.  And my number one goal is to inspire others like you.  Even if I just point you to a person or a place that will land you the connection you need then I am thrilled!  I do love to make things and decorate and enjoy my booth spaces but those are just outlets for me to connect with amazing women like you.

My Creative Muses: April Schweizer & Sheila Rumney

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