What’s Your Word?

I have been struggling what I wanted my first post of 2013 to be about.  It seems my life has had a lot of that lately….tossing….turning…thinking….analyzing…..too much of it!  I was asked recently what I wanted my “word” for 2013 to be and I have chosen:  BALANCE.

I am a very diverse person.  I love SO many aspects of life.  If you look around my home or even on my iTunes playlist you will see that I love diversity.  I actually like that about myself.  I love details whether it’s in adding up reciepts and making sure my ducks are in a row or adding sequins to a scarf or an accessory to my outift.  I love to read fun, romantic novels and I love to hone in on factual books on business.  I feel blessed that I truly enjoy so many aspects of life.

One thing I discovered about myself over this long holiday break (lots of snow days, sick days and holidays) is how good BALANCE is for me.  Even, routine, with scheduled time for….nothing!  I saw this on Pinterest just today and I love it!

With all of my free time I was busy at first of course prepping for the holidays.  Then they came and so many people were sick that it didn’t even feel like Christmas.  I was able to enjoy the luxuries of fine chocolates and reading (I love this new book I received as a gift), time to create and paint and craft, time spent with my boys and their new toys.  Time visiting people and connecting.  It was wonderful!  Then there were days when I was home and saw all the things I didn’t like or got just plain OVER my phone!!!  I mean I seriously did not want to look at it again for at least one whole day!  haha!  That sounds terrible but it’s true!  I set out the next day and bought new paint for the kitchen at Lowe’s and crossword puzzles at Target.

So this year I am going to really try to EMBRACE my geeky side of making goals and planning things out months in advance as well as REIGN IN my side of “I’m not making anyone dinner this weekend until I finish this book or paint this canvas or crochet this blanket.”  Yes.  I’ve done all of the above.  I’m just training my boys to make good husbands by learning to do things themselves.  haha.

Yep.  This year I will strive for BALANCE.  To take time to REDISCOVER why I love my farmy lifestyle and why I started this blog and call my girlfriends and make lunch plans.  And really try to live in each MOMENT an authentic life.  To have no regrets.

What’s your word?

Comments are welcome!