August Eve Ramblings

Tomorrow is a new month:  August! The dictionary defines it as: inspiring awe or admiration; majestic.  When I think of the month of August I try not to think about school starting in 3 weeks but of savoring the final days of summer.  Admiring the glorious months we’ve had together as a family on the farm.  And majestic can certainly describe the sunsets around here or the garden in all of it’s glory.


Simple phlox next to my great grandmas chairs are a beauty to behold for my eyes

What a summer it has been!  What a year!  Looking back at my blog posts things have certainly changed and slowed down.  The past year has been a rough one for me.  Blogs are a good way to showcase all of the happy wonderful things.  And I am fortunate to have had much of that to share.  There are several posts I never published of what was really on my heart.  Of all the things weighing on my mind that aren’t so superficial as what I might be trying to sell or what activities we’ve been up to.  I’ve yet to find the guts to reveal those personal parts of my heart but I hope you know they’re there.


A picnic on the prow of a boat was just what my spirit needed

As romantic and rewarding as I continue to find farm life, this year I’ve also been more aware of the tough aspects of it.  It’s demanding and messy.  But isn’t all of life?  Life on the farm is a bundle of emotions. It’s happy and serene when everyone is clean & fed (animals!) and frustrating when it’s not.  It’s sad when it’s time to sell an animal and joyful when you welcome one into the world. It’s annoying when the chickens eat the blackberries you’ve been waiting all year to ripen and it’s priceless when you see your kids doing chores alongside you.  It does not cease for baseball season or any such occassion.  I am saddened to think of how many vegetables rotted because I did not have the time to can them.  Farm life takes devotion and dedication.  So many times there are not enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done. But certainly lends goals to reach for ‘next year.’

I have enjoyed nothing more than the time we've spent outdoors this summer as a family

I have enjoyed nothing more than the time we’ve spent outdoors this summer as a family

Trying to focus on my kids this season has been the hardest and best thing ever.  I hadn’t realized how guilty I was of letting hours slip by while they played video games while I worked outside or for my biz.  But not so much this summer.  This summer there were limits.  The boys & I worked together and oh what they taught me.  I am amazed how kids greet each day with joy.  They may not even know what the plans for the day are, yet they go where Mom & Dad take them and usually with great joy.  They snuggle the animals and speak softly to them during chores.  They forgive so fast. They are pure in heart. They listen and soak in all that is around them.  Whether it is good or bad.  They make me want to be a better person.

Priceless memories

Priceless memories

Obviously the thought of August arriving in the morning has me quite nostalgic and emotional. I’m going to try to make this month full of awe.  How about you?

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