Nature Calls

Hello Sweet Friends!  Summer is just flying by!  As I may have mentioned my heart has been intent on being more pReSeNt with my boys and making sure our days are full of the GrEaT oUtDoOrS rather than xbox and the like.  We have had so much fun!  We have been visiting conservation spots, fishing and fishing and fishing!  Hiking, going on archery shoots and centering mini trips around NaTuRe!!!  We visited the Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City and had a fabulous time!

I have to say I am a little surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed these outings.  Growing up I was very prissy and girly.  God has slowly changed my heart through the years and now I am the one dragging the boys outside.  I am not squeamish watching the boys wrangle snakes or fish bait but I still have no desire to touch the creatures myself.  I simply enjoy watching my little men in the beautiful landscape.  I usually bring a book, encourage the boys to look for treasures and even sketch or write in my journal.  I can’t wait to take this fun watercolor class in August to add to my journal!

Yes life on the farm has S L O W E D down now that baseball season is over and I am loving it.  I have even slowed down a lot in my La Ferme business by making the decision to not do any shows for a while. I am focusing just on the candle aspect (selling at Studio 1404, Sweet Wishes Cakery & Kat & Co) and using my creative energy to play with my kiddos and actually do some work around my home.  I adore doing shows and spending time with my sweet creative friends and meeting all of you!  So I am sure in the future I will get back to that.  But for now I have to keep up with my growing boys who are getting closer to their teen years every day!

May you answer to the call of nature today!


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