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Back to School

This mama is shopped out!!!  I had no idea that 3 boys would love to shop!  We had a garage sale last weekend so they had money to spend.  We spent hours walking around Target & ToysRUs.  And Gamestop and Kmart.  And Walmart.  They of course were looking for certain items and didn’t want me to order it off Amazon.  What’s the fun in that?!  Unfortunately 2 of them have money left over haha!

Then we had to get the school supplies, backpacks, matching lunchboxes, socks, underwear.  Then shoes.  Ugh.  Then new fall outfits.  This year I thought I would be sweet and let them pick out their own.  Yes this mama is shopped out!!!

However the boys are excited for school to start and I think the shopping trips helped amp up the anticipation.  They miss seeing their friends and they are even a little bored.  Not sure how that happened with our crazy schedule!

I am excited because l am participating in some classes starting this week too!  I have a new bible study, finishing up the lovely Nada Farm bee keeping class with hubby. And the new watercolor class Jeanne Oliver has offered for only $10. Also the boys and I are learning French!!!  Our online class starts today!  I’m so excited!  Lori Viets is teaching this class.   Read More…

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