Back to School

This mama is shopped out!!!  I had no idea that 3 boys would love to shop!  We had a garage sale last weekend so they had money to spend.  We spent hours walking around Target & ToysRUs.  And Gamestop and Kmart.  And Walmart.  They of course were looking for certain items and didn’t want me to order it off Amazon.  What’s the fun in that?!  Unfortunately 2 of them have money left over haha!

Then we had to get the school supplies, backpacks, matching lunchboxes, socks, underwear.  Then shoes.  Ugh.  Then new fall outfits.  This year I thought I would be sweet and let them pick out their own.  Yes this mama is shopped out!!!

However the boys are excited for school to start and I think the shopping trips helped amp up the anticipation.  They miss seeing their friends and they are even a little bored.  Not sure how that happened with our crazy schedule!

I am excited because l am participating in some classes starting this week too!  I have a new bible study, finishing up the lovely Nada Farm bee keeping class with hubby. And the new watercolor class Jeanne Oliver has offered for only $10. Also the boys and I are learning French!!!  Our online class starts today!  I’m so excited!  Lori Viets is teaching this class.  I love learning new things and carving out time to meet with others around a subject we all enjoy.

There are fabulous classes offered everywhere!  Even local libraries usually offer a fabulous selection.  Some classes on my list to take are:

Beeswax or Journaling class from Amanda Jolley

Any of Leslie’s classes at the Art Experience in Maryville

Painting Furniture hosted by Mockingbird Heights

Croissant or Cheese making class at Providence Hill Farm

Keep on Learning!!!

Comments are welcome!