Fall Swap

I have missed you all!!!  I have been so busy living life that I have hardly had time to take pictures or write about it haha!  I have been so blessed to have a job that I love and 3 healthy boys to drive all over to all kinds of sporting events and activities.  We really have such a wonderful time.  We have been enjoying some fun fall activities like the Pumpkin Patch, Wild West Days,  Powell Gardens & Missouri Town 1855.  I love when we are learning and having fun at the same time.

As we have been waking to cooler mornings we have been prepping the animals for winter and putting the garden to bed. I even had my mom helping me haul square bales on her birthday!  It is always bittersweet as the days get colder and shorter.  I have a long list of projects and books to occupy my winter.  I will be taking the Creatively Made Home for the Holidays course hosted by Jeanne Oliver.  I am also cooking a lot of french recipes inspired by our french lessons we are taking.  I even spent 3 hours on the most beautiful, delicious cake the other day!  I was so proud of myself!

Fall is candle season so I have also been making lots of fun new scents like Barn Dance and Sunday Mornin’, Harvest Hoedown, Prairie Pantry and Parisienne Patisserie.  Remember you can email me an order or purchase the candles at Kat & Co in St. Joseph, MO or Studio 1404 in Kansas City or Sweet Wishes Cakery in Savannah, MO.  I’m excited to be wholesaling as well.

Before Fall slips away I am hosting a Swap!  All you need to do is shoot me an email saying that you want to participate with a short list of some of your favorite fall items or interests.  I will then match you up with someone else and we will swap!  I love Swap days.  Shopping for others and of course receiving is so much fun!!!!  The items can include anything from favorite fall drinks (don’t you love Simply Tea in St. Joe?), gift cards to Star Bucks, a mug, candles (wink wink!), cozy scarves or socks, art supplies, lotion, apple butter, you name it!  Spend between $20-$30 and treat yourself and someone else to a pre holiday season treat!!!  I hope you will all participate. I need to hear from you by MONDAY OCTOBER 14, 2013 and swaps must be mailed by MONDAY OCTOBER 28, 2013. Happy Fall Y’All!

Comments are welcome!