Cozy Christmas Swap!

Ladies!  I know….the holidays are crazy enough as it is!  But if you’re like me….it’s truly my favorite time to shop and get crafty!  Not to mention it’s nice to receive something from a likeminded friend…..hubby means well but… year I thought I’d make it crystal clear what I wanted and showed him my Amazon Wish List.  Yep……he ordered the things I’d marked I wanted for the boys – FOR ME!!! Got to love him!  And I actually do love my army blanket!

Back to the swap!  If you haven’t participated before you simply email me at with Cozy Christmas Swap in the subject line.  These emails need to be received by  Wednesday November 27th.   Please include your favorite COZY CHRISTMAS memories, items, colors.  For inspiration check out my COZY pinterest board.  Think soft socks, huge mugs, scrumptious desserts, chick flick movies, swanky leggings, jamming tunes, tried and true recipes, romance novels…you get the picture!  The price limit is between $25-30 and the boxes must be mailed by:

Wednesday December 11th!

I hope you’ll join me and most importantly I hope you have a COZY CHRISTMAS!!!



Comments are welcome!