What a wonderful Christmas season it was!!!  I was blessed to have lots of fun with my precious family and truly enjoyed the holidays.  From sipping cocoa while looking at holiday lights to watching the boys perform Silent Night in sign language at their school program….from choosing just the right gifts for loved ones to crafting holiday ornaments and keepsakes…..from decorating sugar cookies and gingerbread houses to doing chores in fields of snow…..from volunteering with my boys to shopping for the less fortunate….from reading Christmas stories and watching Christmas movies to being surrounded by those I love by candlelight on Christmas Eve.  What a magical season full of joy, hope, peace and Love.  All made possible by the first gift of CHRISTmas.  So blessed!

I’m not sure if all of the festivities have worn me out or the frigid temperatures are keeping me in.  Perhaps it’s the darn flu bug that hit our house but I am in hibernation mode.  I’m treasuring this last week of break holed up in our cozy home and dreaming of snowstorms and mountains of cocoa and good books.  See you in the New Year dear friends!

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