Living the Life you Love

Life is too short to be trapped in a life you don’t love.  I’m not saying it’s going to be a bed of roses all of the time (hello….look at my life!) but I believe we can enjoy life in the small things by doing a little of what we love everyday.  I have big dreams of unlimited budgets, a hamlet in France and a gorgeous garden where I sketch and paint all day.  While I can’t enjoy those things right now I can carve a piece of my budget for things that bring me joy.  I can grow a few herbs and take a few art classes.  I can read about France and try to incorporate parts of their lifestyle that I enjoy like eating fresh market produce and taking siestas when time allows (long live France!!!).  As the days are growing longer and the sun is warming the Earth that is just what I plan on doing!  How will you start Living the Life you Love today???

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