Gearing Up!

I am SOOOO excited to be GeArIn’ uP for the NADA FARM SALE!!!!

I’ve been junkin’ and paintin’ and pourin’ up a storm!  Here’s a sneak peek!!!




{feedsacks & antlers. farmgirl thru & thru}


{whipped up this simple potting bench lickety split}


(love me some rusty metal}

{anything gardeny calls my name}

{anything gardeny calls my name}


{a little RuST & dUsT never hurt anyone}

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Spring on the Farm

We finally had our first ‘kid’ of the season on the farm!  I’ve been busy milking again and I just love it.  I never would have thought I would enjoy the daily (twice daily) task of spending time in the barn milking goats.  I love the quiet and the simplicity of it.  I love slowing down to watch nature wake up for the day and prepare for sleep at the end.  It is actually a time of day that I look forward too.  Do you have a hobby that you are suprised yourself that you enjoy?  Happy Spring Friends!

jenblogphoto jenpic jenpicforblog

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La Ferme Candles

Most of you know that I handpour soy candles and tarts.  I love experimenting with new fragrances and finding ways to enhance our homes with the power of scent! Well La Ferme just got a little more countryfied!  I have some new scents that I am so excited to be offering.  Some are very fresh and new while others are old time favorites with new packaging.  You can find these candles to buy at Kat & Company in St.Joseph, MO or at my space at Studio 1404 in downtown Kansas City.  I also display them at Sweet Wishes Cakery in Savannah, MO and at various shows.  This Spring I will be set up at an art event in Atchison, KS on Saturday April 27 and on May 17 & 18 I will be a vendor at the famous Nada Farm Show!!!  I also take orders by phone or email and can ship to your doorstep easily.  My email address is:

Each candle is 16 ounces and tarts are 4 ounces.

Some of my new scents include:

 Wild Air

Farmhouse Window

A Roll in the Hay

Honey Hush

French 75

Country Clothesline & MoRe!!!

What’s your favorite scent?

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Vintage Egg Carton Swap

Miss Rachel filled this trove with farmy goodness for me!

Miss Rachel filled this trove with farmy goodness for me!

I have had so much fun with this Easter Swap!  Finding sweet treasures, creating and of course receiving my packages!  And I’ve even made some new friends!  Swaps are a wonderful way to carve out time to be creative.  I hope you will consider participating in the next one.  Please be sure and check out these blogs from some of my new friends:

chippycottagecharmhouse , blessedanddistressed  thespeckledegg and  themarmeladegypsy

I hope you enjoy all of the fun photos below that were sent in.  I apologize that I was not able to use all of them as some files were too large.



My own mama got creative with vintage jewels, lace & ribbons

My own mama got creative with vintage jewels, lace & ribbons


I love the clothespin on these vintage greeting cards from Kelly

I love the clothespin on these vintage greeting cards from Kelly


I chose a theme for each of my recipients.  Miss Lindy loves horses so I was sure to include some buttons I purchased from Speckled Egg

I chose a theme for each of my recipients. Miss Lindy loves horses so I was sure to include some buttons I purchased from Speckled Egg


I love the photobooth miniature pics I found at a local antique store:  The Rusty Chandelier

I love the photobooth miniature pics I found at a local antique store: The Rusty Chandelier


Here I fringed some fun tissue paper to frame the carton

Here I fringed some fun tissue paper to frame the carton


You can't go wrong with glitter, tulle & lace

You can’t go wrong with glitter, tulle & lace



This lovely carton was created by Miss Michelle Donnelly

This lovely carton was created by Miss Michelle Donnelly

egg carton michelle

This treasure was created by Kelly

This treasure was created by Kelly


photo (6)

photo (4)

photo (3)

photo (2)



This beauty was made by Miss Sheila Rumney

This beauty was made by Miss Sheila Rumney



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I am a creature of habit.  I love routine and when I am wanting to change something about myself or my life I try to find simple ways to incorporate habits that will create the outcome I want.  I am certainly not perfect at this but have found it works.  I have several goals that I am working on that I need to be more disciplined on and include in my weekly routines; like meal planning and healthy family activities.  But we are getting there!

One of my favorite fun rituals are Sunday nights.  Now that I am working outside of the home more often I can understand how Sunday nights can almost be dreaded.  The end of the weekend is not usually something to look forward to.  One way I have found to make it more enjoyable is my Beauty Night.  On Sunday evenings I take a long bubble bath, use a facial mask and give myself a manicure.  We usually eat snacky food on Sundays for dinner as well so it all adds up to a relaxing night that I have come to look forward to.  I also try to save any magazines that I get during the week to be looked at and read on Sundays.

What are some of your favorite ways to start a habit and change your lifestyle?  What are some of your favorite rituals?  Any beauty secrets I should try?  I’d love to hear what you have to share!

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Egg Carton Swap

I love any excuse to get creative and I love to give gifts!  Why not join me in a swap where you get to do both?

 Each participant will email me at with the subject line reading:  Egg Carton Swap. Please do so as soon as possible but by March 10. I will then pair you up with 2 other participants and you will contact one another.   You will then briefly let each other know your interests and mailing addresses.  For instance I love anything farm related and I love neutral colors.  Then you will get to work crafting your egg carton.  There are lots of fun examples online like this one from The Other Side of Me.

Now is the fun part- you can dig through your stash of goodies and fill each egg carton space (please use a 6 egg carton I have even found these in the Easter candy section) with goodies in your friends favorite colors.  Also decorate the inside and outside of your carton and mail it by March 29 for a sweet Easter surprise.  I love to find fun vintage goodies for my recipients at antique stores or online at my favorite novelty store the Speckled Egg

Here are some of my favorite Pinterest examples.

{Please check out these original sources}




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You know how I rant and rave about the amazing women who influence my life.  And you may know that Anne Marie from Nada Farms is one of them.  The way she shares her faith, enjoys her family while raising most of their food, and her inspirational photos and recipes…..she is definitely someone I admire.  She worked with the amazing Traci Thorson and Jo Packham on the fabulous book PieOGraphy.

Pie has long been special to me.  Growing up my dad always preferred pies to cakes or cookies.  When I was married and on my own I spent a day with my Nannie having her teach me how to make the delicious {black.berry.pie} that my daddy loved so much.

When Anne Marie gave the opportunity to share what pie we would be there was no question in my mind:  {black.berry.pie} all the way.

The very mention of the pie bring back memories of family get togethers with cousins and aunts and uncles sitting around and laughing.  It’s one of those powerful parts of my childhood that was a constant at family dinners and I remain quick to volunteer to bring one now that I have been passed on the lovely tradition.

When baking my own pie I remember the lovely day I spent with Nannie as she reminisced with me about my dad as a child and my grandfather.  I remember the humid days of August, right before school started, when my mom would take us girls way behind the house to the blackberry patch.  Here we would fill our baskets with berries as we sang Oldies songs or chatted and tried to keep from getting pricked by thorns.

As I roll out the dough and sneak a piece of dough in my mouth I think of the granddaughter I may get to pass this recipe on to.  I think of the sweet boys I have and how they will enjoy the pie smothered in ice cream.  I make a mental note to have my dad stop in for a piece after a day on the farm.  To me {black.berry.pie} holds what is most dear to me….Family.

I actually won this apron from Ice Milk Aprons by commenting on their Facebook Page about this very pie recipe!

I actually won this apron from Ice Milk Aprons by commenting on their Facebook Page about this very pie recipe!


Ingredients prepped and ready to go

pinch of salt

A pinch of salt from my favorite container

flour power

Flour. Power.


Oh how I love Tar Jay

blackberries in a bowl



crust:  2 cups flour

1 Tblsp salt

Buttered Crisco Shortening almost 1 cup

add shortening to flour and salt

stir with fork – make fine

1/4 cup water and 1 egg in small bowl – whisk

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Add 1 Tblsp sugar to egg mixture

Add 1/2 Tblsp apple cider vinegar – whip with fork

Make well in flour mixture and add liquids

On clean tea towel roll 1/2 of dough then put in pie plate

Rinse fruit (enough to fill pie usually 1 pkg frozen if fresh not available)

Mix 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup sugar in bowl

Add fruit on top of pie crust then top with flour/sugar mixture

Roll out rest of pie crust and top the pie

Add holes for venting and push pie crust ends together

Brush milk on top with pastry brush and sprinkle with sugar

Bake on bottom shelf in oven for 1 hour

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Bring In Spring By Shopping!

Most of you know that my lovely sister in law and I share a space in the West Bottoms at a sweet shoppe called Brocante Bliss.  We really love to bring our ‘JUNK’ together and make a beautiful space.  If you have not been down to Kansas City to check out these amazing shoppes, which are only open once a month (first Friday, Saturday and Sunday) then you really are missing out.

Also later in the month you can find us at the amazing Fleeting Flea show in Overland Park.  We will be set up there on March 21-23.  This is another one of a kind event featuring local artists..

Later in the year we will be selling in Atchison and Illinois!  We are thrilled to have been included in the wildly famous Nada Farm Sale! If you read any of the Where Women (create/cook/business) Magazines then you are very familiar with the amazing Anne Marie.  I am truly honored to be apart of the show.

And plans have begun for the next Gathering!  So mark your calendars for our local show on Saturday September 28.  We are very excited for what the future holds for this event of ours.

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Happy Hens

I have chickens on my mind.  They were our first farm dream to come to realization and I have not looked back.  We love gathering eggs every day, so far it has not lost its wonder.  It is so fun to watch them strut their stuff around the farm. We are putting together our wish list of chicks to order and I can’t wait to have more frizzles and sultans with their funky feathers.

Thanks to Pinterest I came across this awesome blog with some really fun ideas to try in our coop.  I can’t wait for spring to arrive!



I just love their feathered hats!


I want to make one of these!!!





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Oh Honey Honey

I saw some cute bee skeeps like this one at Hobby Lobby this week.

I just love honeybees. And I love honey.  Apparently a lot of you do too as I have had some inquiries on how to get started on beekeeping.  While I do love the bees and the honey they produce, my husband primarily takes care of the hive.  I enjoy watching him do so but am more concerned about keeping the boys away.  Not even 1 month after we got our first hive my oldest son had a severe reaction to a sting (from what insect we do not know).  The reaction actually happened 4 hours after the sting and he went through horrible, gruesome testing to find out that he is not allergic to the 5 stinging insects that we know of (including the honeybee).  We still don’t know what stung/bite him but we keep the boys away from the bees and the EPI pen close by just in case.  It is always a good idea to make sure your neighbors and family members are not allergic and to keep an EPI pen.

This is a picture I took of one of our bees among the cucumber plants. Ignore the weeds.

If you want to get into beekeeping I strongly suggest reading lots of good blogs and watching YouTube videos.  Also google for a nearby BeeKeeping group you can belong to. Here are a few links I found helpful:

I even learned some new stuff!  And even Williams Sonoma is getting into the Farm Revolution! I am wanting to start some indoor seeds this month and hope to get some flowers out there going for my sweet bees.  We positioned ours near our garden and local clover fields.  I am still trying to figure out how you can have “clover honey” or “lavender honey” since bees travel amazing distances and is there really a way to know where all they have gathered there pollen from?  Yet another reason why I am so concerned with pesticides…..I don’t want my bees picking up any on their trips!


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