Savoring the Moment and Learning Along The Way

I love baby steps!!!  I love when I can see progress from baby steps!!!  Whether it’s physical, financial or spiritual.  Whether it’s for my business, my relationships or my home, baby steps work!!!  I also love knowledge and I’m so excited to be combining the two to make improvements in all areas of my life.  I have really been trying to SAVOR each moment and make the most of it.  This includes actually making time for people and for LEARNING.

I am using these strategies to live healthier and to grow my business.  To act more responsibly and to be a better person.  Some of the ways I am doing that are by taking a photography class and a business class.  By exploring more options for my business and listening to books while in the car.

These small baby steps are working great with my family too.  I see them inspired by my self accountability (they haven’t said so but I’m sure they are!).  I see them setting goals too.  One of my boys who usually dislikes sports of any kind has asked to play basketball.  I signed him up before he could change his mind.  Since his attention span is short we take turns playing coach and do small drills for about 30 minutes each day.  That’s it.  We are having so much fun he doesn’t realize it’s work.  Another son was feeling overwhelmed with school work so 30 minutes a day we are all doing study work together and we don’t feel stressed when test day comes and we are thrilled to get that 104%.  Yes mama was thrilled too and I learned along the way!!  Even when it comes to cleaning the house by tackling, together, one room, then being done for a while it’s not that big of a chore.  And we are spending less time in front of the tv.  Yea!

This week I’m inspired to extend some of my goals.  I’m ready to read up, meet up, show up each day and SAVOR it and LEARN from it.  Taking the extra 5 minutes to make hot tea and light a candle makes bath time that much more relaxing.  Playing Just Dance with your family keeps you all healthy and combines family fun time.  Listening to whatever motivates you while you drive or exercise encourages you and maybe even your kiddos may hear something that encourages them too.

That’s what this blog is all about for me.  I am so not perfect and have oh so much to work on in my life.  Yet I long to find inspiration and dole it out and encourage you all.  Because together we can make anything possible!

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