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Oh Honey Honey

I saw some cute bee skeeps like this one at Hobby Lobby this week.

I just love honeybees. And I love honey.  Apparently a lot of you do too as I have had some inquiries on how to get started on beekeeping.  While I do love the bees and the honey they produce, my husband primarily takes care of the hive.  I enjoy watching him do so but am more concerned about keeping the boys away.  Not even 1 month after we got our first hive my oldest son had a severe reaction to a sting (from what insect we do not know).  The reaction actually happened 4 hours after the sting and he went through horrible, gruesome testing to find out that he is not allergic to the 5 stinging insects that we know of (including the honeybee).  We still don’t know what stung/bite him but we keep the boys away from the bees and the EPI pen close by just in case.  It is always a good idea to make sure your neighbors and family members are not allergic and to keep an EPI pen.

This is a picture I took of one of our bees among the cucumber plants. Ignore the weeds.

If you want to get into beekeeping I strongly suggest reading lots of good blogs and watching YouTube videos.  Also google for a nearby BeeKeeping group you can belong to. Here are a few links I found helpful:

I even learned some new stuff!  And even Williams Sonoma is getting into the Farm Revolution! I am wanting to start some indoor seeds this month and hope to get some flowers out there going for my sweet bees.  We positioned ours near our garden and local clover fields.  I am still trying to figure out how you can have “clover honey” or “lavender honey” since bees travel amazing distances and is there really a way to know where all they have gathered there pollen from?  Yet another reason why I am so concerned with pesticides…..I don’t want my bees picking up any on their trips!


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