Gearing Up!

I am SOOOO excited to be GeArIn’ uP for the NADA FARM SALE!!!!

I’ve been junkin’ and paintin’ and pourin’ up a storm!  Here’s a sneak peek!!!




{feedsacks & antlers. farmgirl thru & thru}


{whipped up this simple potting bench lickety split}


(love me some rusty metal}

{anything gardeny calls my name}

{anything gardeny calls my name}


{a little RuST & dUsT never hurt anyone}

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Pick Me Ups

I’m in need of a little pick me up today how about you?  What brings joy to your heart?  A smile to your face?

New life? Hope? A sweet face?


A cup of your favorite drink? A new sweater? A moment to relish.


A season? The great outdoors? A certain color that calms you?


Creating? Connecting with a friend? Shopping?

Sometimes when life doesn’t give me a choice in what I want to persue or how I want to spend my time I NEED a pick me up.  As silly as it sounds I find that in my own online journal full of things I want to do, places I want to go.  Where if time & money were no object I could create this dream world full of all that inspires me.  I updated my facebook status the other day to say:  “I wish I lived in my Pintrest world.  Ate my Pintrest food.  Lived in my Pintrest house.  On my Pintrest farm.  Made all the little Pintrest crafts.  At least I’m inspired!!!  : )”  And it’s true.  When I’m feeling down I can look at my Boards and see where my heart really lies.  The things that bring me joy.  That inspire me.  How I dream.  My little Pick Me Ups.

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The Gathering: Speaker


There are some days when things just fall into place.  I was so star struck when I met the co-owner of Raised In Cotton that I could barely talk!  And to think that she will be the guest speaker for our event in September is really so exciting for me!

Carol is passionate about encouraging women to embrace their dreams and live creatively.  Yes…one of my passions as well!  Her Dream*Create*Shine mantra could not be more fitting for The Gathering.

Please enjoy her bio and by all means subscribe to her blog, be inspired & come and meet her at The Gathering!

Growing up on her families farm in Arkansas, Carol Spinski learned the

beautiful art of arranging every day elements to enhance her surroundings.

A talent for design assembly was forged from those early childhood

experiences on the family farm which echo’s in the work she does today.

Carol’s career path as a Photographer and Editorial Stylist has been a

natural progression that has allowed her to share her inspiration with

others. She is the co-owner of

Raised In Cotton, a business featuring Home

Decor and Event Styling in a century old farmhouse just outside of Kansas

City, Missouri. Carol’s signature style is romantically atmospheric,

multilayered and textural, flavored with the vintage aesthetic she adores.

She and her work

have been featured in Artful Blogging, Somerset Life,

Somerset Life Calendars, Romantic Country Magazine, Romantic Homes

Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, Kansas City Homes and

Gardens and Spaces Magazine

. Most recently the circa 1865 farmhouse

that she and her husband decorated and renovated was in the book

Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O’Neill. Her upcoming projects include a

collaboration with Matthew Mead that will be featured in the Winter 2012

issue of

Holiday With Matthew Mead.









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Creative Endeavors

keeping the farm fancy


I love crafty homemade things.  And I love nothing more than to create them myself.  However, with a busy household it’s not quite so easy to sit down and make room to drag out all the supplies; let alone make time to create.  But I’ve found I NEED that time and I am happier when I’ve made time for myself to do so.

I believe that God instilled in us women the desire to be creative.  Whether it’s in choosing our family’s clothing or home decor or using our creative endeavors to launch a business to supplement the family income.  In Proverbs 31 the Bible states how this model women creates clothing and wares to sell from her hands.

I have long noticed the quality of women artisans in our area, which is one reason why I chose to start my Rusty ReDeux business.  I bring in amazing teachers and entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and provide the rest of us opportunities and skills to inspire our own creative spirits.

This summer among many goals I have, one is to make time each week to explore my creative side.  I purchased a book called The Artistic Mother which gives assignments of sorts.  Also I am participating in a craft swap on one of my favorite blogs.  All of this will lead up to a swap of my own and finally The Gathering event that I am so very excited for.  A day full of incredible workshops to participate in, fabulous food, demonstrations, giveaways and inspiring shopping.  Won’t you join me?


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