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Herb Garden

Our first landscaping project was 11  years ago …. 4 raised beds with an arbor attaching.  This was our vegetable garden for several years.  Now that we have our BIG GARDEN of 28 raised beds these 4 have become the herb garden.

isn't chamomile sweet?

isn’t chamomile sweet?


Of course one of the first items we planted was chocolate mint.  I love that it’s a perennial.  So many herbs are.  Sage is another favorite.

sage and pineapple sage are also perennials.  we use them when cooking potatoes or chicken

sage and pineapple sage are also perennials. we use them when cooking potatoes or chicken


One of my favorite blogs:  Parisienne Farmgirl has an excellent Potager Series. I am ready to add more mulch, some flowers and beautify this simple space! So far this year I’ve added a dwarf alberta spruce for some height and winter color to the center of each bed.

mr bullfrog

mr bullfrog


We also added 3 baby goldfish to our ornamental pond next to the Herb Garden.  When I went to look for them this morning I spotted Mr. Bullfrog.  I sure hope he didn’t eat our new friends.


What’s your favorite herb?  Do you have a special space for them or include them in your vegetable garden?  I thought this was a cute idea.  Thank you Pinterest!  Happy planting!

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Garden Planning

There is so much I want to say about gardening that I am going to have to break it into ‘plots.’  This time of year hopefully you are planning your garden and dreaming and starting seeds.  I just ordered mine from Baker’s Creek.  I know that I’ve mentioned them before but I love them.  They offer a garden planner in their seed catalog that I’ve ordered as well.

Some of the seeds I’m excited about getting are:  sorghum.  For syrup and broom corn.  To make brooms!!  I saw it at Silver Dollar City and I think it’s sooo cool!!!  stevia.  For a sugar substitute.  Yum!  Missouri Pink Love Tomato.  Who wouldn’t want to eat one of those!?!  The list goes on.  I’m so into garden mode that I’ve even ordered candle scents (yes I am now making hand poured 100% soy candles…) like Vine Ripened Tomato & Baby Bibb Lettuce!  Last week I broke down and bought Asparagus at the store!  I usually try not to eat items out of season that we can grow (we do buy citrus and bananas; organic and made in USA) but I could not resist!!  I’m so excited for our first harvest of asparagus this year.  Last year I planted 60 crowns!!!

If you don’t have a large spot or your yard is shady do not fret!  Think outside the box and plan to plant your veggies in pots!  How lovely to have an oblesik of beans or peas on a vine surrounded by carrots and parsley?  My mother in law always has a lovely Salsa pot with a cherry tomato plant surrounded by basil and other herbs.  You could even add some onions to this.

Most all vegetables need 6-8 hours of sunlight a day so having your veggies in pots makes it that much more convenient to guarantee optimum exposure.  If you are planting a traditional or more permanent garden please take that into consideration.  For several years I planted tomatoes in an area where they only got about 4 hours of sunlight and although the plants looked healthy they never really produced much fruit.  Another benefit of container gardening (in my case raised beds) is that you can also control the soil for your plants.

So as you are planning you need to decide what you want to grow (make sure to read labels here….is the plant a bush or vine?  Does it grow 10 feet tall (okra)?  If it’s a low grower you can tuck it under something else.  Does it grow above or below the ground?  Next study your yard at different times of the day to determine where you should plant for adequate sunlight and then get busy!!!  Onions and potatoes are said to be planted around St. Patrick’s Day.  Broccoli, peas, and lettuce are cool weather crops that crave these early spring days.

I’d love to hear what’s on your wish list for your garden in the comments below!

Comments are welcome!
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