Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to The  Gathering this past weekend!  It was a fabulous time!!!  I was a little star struck by all of my favorite vendors, artists, teachers, media and you!!!  Yes all of you lovely people who came to support April & I’s little dream.  Thank you!!!  We had over 100 shoppers and countless friends, family and vendors.


The farm has survived without me as hubby & the boys stepped in to take over chores.  The cows were happy to see me and the eggs actually might get brought into the house rather than chucked by the boys this week. The house however is still getting some much needed attention.  Life goes on and so I am making candles for this weekends Apple Fest in Weston.  It will be a great time…I hope to see some of you there.  Make sure you check back often to see where La Ferme will be….there are many more exciting events coming up!

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I am overwhelmed by your support.  Farm Hugs, Jennifer







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The Gathering Sneak Peak in Pictures

The Gathering is going to be amazing.  PLEASE make sure to attend this event.  Not just to support me (I love you all & appreciate your support; thank you!) but also to support all of the AmAzInG, lOcAl, BeAuTiFuL, cReAtIvE wOmEn who are making this possible by being a vendor, an instructor, a chef, a volunteer, a sponsor, an advertiser, a friend, an artist, the list goes on.  There are not a lot of events out there like this one in our area and one that is so passionate about supporting women and their local businesses.  Y’all know I think women are amazing and I applaud each of you out there reading this and I thank you.  No matter where you are in life and what you are doing – YOU are amazing.  YOU are worth it.  YOU are loved!

Here is just a sampling of the talent you will see at The Gathering.  Just the tip of the iceberg.  I cannot wait to see you there!

Luminous Layers Class


Blue Luna


Journal Class


Carol Spinski – Guest Speaker


Tarnished Royalty


Jewelry Class


All That Jazz


Pottery By Laura


Just Claudia




Housecat’s Hats


MockingBird Heights


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