Egg Carton Swap

I love any excuse to get creative and I love to give gifts!  Why not join me in a swap where you get to do both?

 Each participant will email me at with the subject line reading:  Egg Carton Swap. Please do so as soon as possible but by March 10. I will then pair you up with 2 other participants and you will contact one another.   You will then briefly let each other know your interests and mailing addresses.  For instance I love anything farm related and I love neutral colors.  Then you will get to work crafting your egg carton.  There are lots of fun examples online like this one from The Other Side of Me.

Now is the fun part- you can dig through your stash of goodies and fill each egg carton space (please use a 6 egg carton I have even found these in the Easter candy section) with goodies in your friends favorite colors.  Also decorate the inside and outside of your carton and mail it by March 29 for a sweet Easter surprise.  I love to find fun vintage goodies for my recipients at antique stores or online at my favorite novelty store the Speckled Egg

Here are some of my favorite Pinterest examples.

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