Le Jardin

I love to garden!!!  It started with flowers.  I used to keep all of the flowers Aaron gave me (you know….back in the day when we were young & dating).  I would press them in books or make dried floral arrangements.  When we got married and had a house and a yard I started digging it up to put in flower beds of all kinds.  I used to go for big & bold.  I still love blousy, showy flowers but I have truly come to appreciate the low maintenance plants that give color and foliage all season long.  Sedum is a new favorite of mine that does just that.

I also love vegetable gardening as most of you know.

I am focusing this year on artfully arranging the veggies in my potager.

Pintrest is a great place to find ideas and I love to lay on the hammock in the garden with a book or magazine for inspiration.

Another favorite place for prize-winning advice?  My friend Angela’s blog!  (yes she can do it all!)  Her Potager Series has me bursting at the seams with ideas. I recommend reading her 101 Class.

One of our spring projects has been to add a fence around our Big Garden (28 raised beds).  Our favorite campground has a gorgeous heritage garden that we have long wanted to replicate.  We are slowly getting there, all the while adding our own twist.  Now that the pathways are laid we plan on adding an arbor with a long harvest table for Farm Fresh Dinners.  Someday we would love to add a Pizza Oven and enjoy our evenings in true European style (after our siesta of course!).

What would you include in your dream garden?

Rows of fragrant lavender?

 Stunning statuary or sundials?

Living walls of esparalied fruit trees?



Whimsical pathways?


Comments are welcome!

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