Pick Me Ups

I’m in need of a little pick me up today how about you?  What brings joy to your heart?  A smile to your face?

New life? Hope? A sweet face?


A cup of your favorite drink? A new sweater? A moment to relish.


A season? The great outdoors? A certain color that calms you?


Creating? Connecting with a friend? Shopping?

Sometimes when life doesn’t give me a choice in what I want to persue or how I want to spend my time I NEED a pick me up.  As silly as it sounds I find that in my own online journal full of things I want to do, places I want to go.  Where if time & money were no object I could create this dream world full of all that inspires me.  I updated my facebook status the other day to say:  “I wish I lived in my Pintrest world.  Ate my Pintrest food.  Lived in my Pintrest house.  On my Pintrest farm.  Made all the little Pintrest crafts.  At least I’m inspired!!!  : )”  And it’s true.  When I’m feeling down I can look at my Boards and see where my heart really lies.  The things that bring me joy.  That inspire me.  How I dream.  My little Pick Me Ups.

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