Easter Swap

I am busy making spring inspired Easter gifts today!  And I worked on them while watching Chocolat.  I love to watch this movie during the Easter season.  I love the setting of small town France and I love the ending sermon the most…..the humanity of Christ and loving each person just as they are.  So refreshing!!!

Speaking of Spring….Easter is fast approaching and I am hosting another Swap!!!  Instead of an Easter basket I would love to have us fill one of those photo boxes you can find at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, usually for $2.  There are easy to pack and ship and come in lots of fun designs and are useful afterwards.  If you would like to participate please email me at amusingprovincial@yahoo.com with the subject : Easter Swap.  Please include your name and address as well as some of your favorite spring related items including colors and candy, projects and hobbies, anything you can think of. Please let me know by April 1 I will email you your partners info by April 7 and you will have until April 17 to ship your item.

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On the Hunt

Lately I have had made the time to partake in one of my favorite time spenders…..junking!!!  I love to spend time in flea markets, antique stores and market booths.  It’s especially fun when I have certain items I’m looking for.  I just finished this new gallery wall with some new and old treasures and I already am looking for some items for a new project!




I love this tin tile I found at an antique store in Cameron, Missouri

I love this tin tile I found at an antique store in Cameron, Missouri


This darling church is one of many treasures I have found on FairyHomes&Gardens

This darling church is one of many treasures I have found on FairyHomes&Gardens


There's something about tulips and lambs that welcome Spring

There’s something about tulips and lambs that welcome Spring



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Gearing Up!

I am SOOOO excited to be GeArIn’ uP for the NADA FARM SALE!!!!

I’ve been junkin’ and paintin’ and pourin’ up a storm!  Here’s a sneak peek!!!




{feedsacks & antlers. farmgirl thru & thru}


{whipped up this simple potting bench lickety split}


(love me some rusty metal}

{anything gardeny calls my name}

{anything gardeny calls my name}


{a little RuST & dUsT never hurt anyone}

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Working Girl

It’s a new week!!!  And I am hoping the weatherman is right and it will be a warmer week!  Last week’s hormonal valleys and peaks on the forcast matched my own mood let me tell you.  I was so thankful for a warm day but to be followed up by an icy blizzard was no fun.  I’ve been working my baby steps and moving two steps forward and one step backwards but the difference my friend is HOPE.  And PROMISE.

I am really enjoying working part time outside of the home as a substitue teacher.  It is giving me fresh ideas on parenting that is for sure!  And I come back to my creative business with a little more appreciation and passion.  The people I am meeting in both walks of life are such a blessing.  Investing in people and relationships is truly the most rewarding way to spend time.  I really enjoyed my visit with my good friend Sheila Rumney of Blessed & Distressed this weekend.  She is such an inspiration.  Check out her latest blog post for a sweet tutorial.

I am trekking along in my photography class but am too embarrassed to post any photos yet.  It is much more complicated than I had thought it would be!  I am learning to read my manual and even was inspired to break out my car manual and figure out some of the gadgets on that techy thing.

Brocante Bliss was hopping this weekend and I had a blast chatting with customers!  I am really enjoying this new venue.  I am already dreaming up fun ways to usher in spring in the space next month!  What items are you looking for?  I am also creating some fun and fresh new spring scents in my candle line and booking some great venues as well.

I love the HOPE & PROMISE that comes with Spring.  As I walk around the farm doing chores I am already searching for signs that she is on her way.

What is bringing you HOPE & PROMISE this week?

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Pick Me Ups

I’m in need of a little pick me up today how about you?  What brings joy to your heart?  A smile to your face?

New life? Hope? A sweet face?


A cup of your favorite drink? A new sweater? A moment to relish.


A season? The great outdoors? A certain color that calms you?


Creating? Connecting with a friend? Shopping?

Sometimes when life doesn’t give me a choice in what I want to persue or how I want to spend my time I NEED a pick me up.  As silly as it sounds I find that in my own online journal full of things I want to do, places I want to go.  Where if time & money were no object I could create this dream world full of all that inspires me.  I updated my facebook status the other day to say:  “I wish I lived in my Pintrest world.  Ate my Pintrest food.  Lived in my Pintrest house.  On my Pintrest farm.  Made all the little Pintrest crafts.  At least I’m inspired!!!  : )”  And it’s true.  When I’m feeling down I can look at my Boards and see where my heart really lies.  The things that bring me joy.  That inspire me.  How I dream.  My little Pick Me Ups.

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