Teton Mountains

Glamping Sneak Peek

Some people say to me:  You sure don’t look like a farmgirl.  You like camping?!  You’re so girly I bet you wished you had daughters of your own.

These comments do not bother me at all!  In fact I can see why they say that.  I wear a dress to Walmart!  With makeup on!  It’s just how I am (had two beautician grandmothers) and keeping it fancy on the farm is how I like it.  Which is one reason why I love Mary Jane!  She is the original fancy farmgirl!  I love to browse her magazine and website on how to live the farm life organically and all the while doing it with 100 % girlpower!  I can’t wait for her new book “Glamping” to be released!!!

The boys & I are going to rough it in a tent in the Teton Mountains this summer and I’m so excited!!  For Christmas I asked for camping plates, vintage linens & swiss army blankets!  I plan on photographing like mad while there for an upcoming story for Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine.  I have been blessed to have contributed to the first two issues along with a full page ad for The Gathering in the latest magazine.

Here’s a sneak peek of the goodies I’m bringing.

Grey swiss army blanket with red trim & embroidered pillowcases.


Lantern & frame snatched from the boys’ bedroom!


I got these gorgeous linens from Farmstead. She is now selling her wares at Bottoms Up Antique Market!



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