Make Each Day Count

This weekend was almost magical.  The weather was simply gorgeous and although our To Do List is always long…we had no set plans.  A miracle in itself!!!  It felt as though the days were long & full.  I was able to savor the moment, not rush, to relish in each activity.  Combined with a thankful heart full of gratitude for what I am so blessed to have, and to do, has left me with a blanket of peace to tuck into after the weekend.  The last few weeks I have been so burdened with busyness and sorrowed by situations I find loved ones in, that it has felt like a heavy cloak on my shoulders.  For a few short days I was able to lay it aside and truly enjoy each moment.

I took time for kickball with my boys, lunch with a new friend, and nature acitivites.  Time at our cabin, lunch out with the family and fishing.  Some how the days held time to even get homework done, laundry, grocery shopping & mowing.  I found time to make my honey’s favorite dish and even cookies for the boys.  I lingered over chores….brushing the goats, petting the cows, fluffing the cats’ bed.

Often times I find myself seeing a friend in a store yet rushing by with a quick wave.  This weekend I took the extra 10 minutes to visit and felt so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.  For one magical weekend I was given the gift of time.  Of realizing what I am so blessed to have.  I look forward to having more days like this one.  Making each one count.

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